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This semester in humanities, we had an awesome project that happened over the last few weeks! We researched old trades and land called conquering. We had 3 keystones, In the first keystone, we found out what groups we could be from. There were Rich men, poor men, indigenous, missionaries, and fille de roi. I was chosen to do the rich man group. We did a wheel picker to choose what group you were chosen into, so you could apply for any group, but you never know if you got into it. I overall thought this was a fun group of people to explore, and I also think they were interesting to study. For the second keystone, we started getting into groups to prepare for the 3rd keystone. We shared the information about our groups so we could learn about the other groups so we could do a AR maker (a presentation). Overall I think this was a great project, and fun to research with other people.

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