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Have you ever been to Alberta? I have, thats what this blog will be based on. We had 4 video we had to make. The first one I will talk about will be the silent video.

The silent video was on the location of 3 valley gap. It has a ghost town, with many maniquins that helped us with our videos. My video was based on a murder. It was called conviction, and of course you could not talk because its a silent video. We also had to over exaterate our actions to make is more understanding for the veiwers that dont know whats going on.

The next video was based on a tiktok trend of your choice. I did a not so famous one where you encorporate the sound from cocomelon “are we there yet? Not yet!” And then after it said not yet it said yes and showed a whole bunch of photos from our trip. We had to plan the locations for our tiktok so we could get the footage before we had to leave.

The third video was an at home video. We did things that inspire me. I started off by showing my bike, because I love biking and I always had. Biking inspires me because my dad tought me when I was 2. Now im better than himand teaching him! After the biking portion I showcased my scooter. Then I showed my favorite skate park, Seylynn. I love it because there is a really good bowl to jump out of. After that I showcased my tricks ive landed.


We did an investigative video where we investigated our thesis and asked strangers questions that related to our thesis. I did 3 interviews.


Those were the four videos that we did for Alberta. I really liked this project and hope we do something similar again


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