About Me!

Hi! My name is Sebastian and i love hanging out with Friends and I love any thing with wheel’s, biking, scooters etc. Ive been biking for 12 years without training wheels, and I’m 13! So that means I’ve been on a pedal bike for almost my whole life. Ive always loved anything with 2 wheels. Im also in a program at Seycove called PLP! Its where you use iPads to learn and you go learn in the real world rather then learn in school. I think PLP should be the next for all schools because you actually learn stuff you could use and they make it fun to learn about it. 

I also have a huge passion with cats. I know how to properly pick them up, how to attract their attention, etc. The reason I love cats is they are so loving and funny. When you call there name they will look at you, however they will not come 50% of the time (Ive learned from experience) I think cats are the best animal because they will give attention when you need it and they dont take much work. All you have to do is feed them, clean their litter box, and play with them. I have a cat of my own, her name is Annabelle. She is all black and does not like to be too close to people, yet doesn’t like to be too far. Ive had Annabelle for 7 years so I know what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Sebastian's Greatest Adventures!