Take Your Kid to Work Day! Woodtone, an Industry Innovating Infastructure

Have you ever wanted to see the building blocks of towns, cities, and maybe even your home being forged and built in action? Well that’s what I did for the grade 9 take school wide project, where I went to an office out in Chilliwack, one of the three operators of Woodtone. 

Woodtone is a company in charge of creating innovative wood products by binding pieces of wood together to create wood used for your home. Woodtone’s other job is to paint and stain this wood using state of the art drying and painting technology. Our job for Take Your Kid to Work Day was to create an informative video all about our experience, including an interview with someone at the workplace. This interview was how we showed our learning about the workplace through someone working there, and it shows our real-world experience as we built knowledge through a series of though out questions. 

Now, here is the video, showing my day at Woodtone with my dad.

I would say that this was a very fun opportunity, and I learned a lot not only about what my dad does for work, but also malleable knowledge about how to operate in a workspace, and how a workspace operates, that I can carry on and use when I have my first encounters with official jobs. I also deeply enjoyed learning and observing how all of the machines worked in the manufacturing area. 

As you can see, some of the machines are pretty interesting, running on conveyor belts and moving and painting wood, as well as drying it. I found the interview to also be very valuable as well, and for the purpose of the videos length, I could not make it too long and had to leave out some less-important parts. The main points of the interview were how much an atmosphere of an office or workspace can effect productivity, morale and overall mood. I also learned that the efficiency and productivity of workers in an office is more valued and superior to having tons of workers, like in more commercial space. I learned that a large sign of growth is when you find that the same amount of people in your office are getting more done and making more progress and sales on a scale in comparison to years before. This pretty much sums up my experience at Woodtone, so thanks for reading!