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Have you ever thought that maybe one day you would show a presentation to a large number of people you barely know, would you want to? Well, I did, I did the presentation! This might have a been one of the most fun presentations I’ve ever done. This project was based on the driving question which is “How do I build and strengthen the PLP learning team?”. Now, let’s hold our horses before we go into all that. Why don’t I tell you a bit about how this project helps me and my peers in life. Of course, let’s start off saying that this helps us work well under stressful situations, because we had to present to people we may have never met before. As well as this, we learned how to make a keynote guided tour and we learned how to make a lot of our work from different topics into one big presentation. This could help us in a variety of different jobs. Of course, this isn’t all we took from this project that could help us out there in the real world, but it gives you some ideas. Now, what you have all been waiting for is the elaborate paragraph that only the teachers will read.

As you read above, this is that paragraph. Here, I’m going to be explaining what we did in this project. First off, we should talk about the very first thing we started at the beginning of the school year, the Big Life Journal. Now, you may be asking what is the Big Life Journal and how is it relevant? Well, I will be explaining that now. The Big Life Journal is writing your goals and dreams. It also helps motivate you by putting you in the right mindset. For Big Life Journal we worked on number of things, but I could only choose three. I chose my Interest Map, My Dream Board, and My Goal Staircase. My Interest Map is kind of like a brainstorm map. It shows how one thing can branch off into many jobs and opportunities. It’s a great way to think of what you could be by what you like to do. The next thing is My Dream Board. This is a lot of pictures put together into a board. The board has a lot of pictures of my friends and family. It also has pictures of my interests, what I would like to be when I grow up, and were I want to go or live. The last thing I did in My Big Life Journal was My Goal Staircase. This staircase is designed to be a staircase that has three goals and the 1st step to each of the goals explained. The goals go higher up the staircase until they reach the top stair, which is the final step and the final goal. I think the Big Life Journal was a great idea and I’m happy I had the chance to do projects create it. 

As well as the Big Life Journal, I have more things I did for this project. Now, I will explain what the Team Contract is. The team contract is a contract with any of my team members for now and later. I specifically made my team contract benefit my team members and myself as much as possible. I added my Memoji, a creative media and a screenshot of My User Manual. They all helped explain how I work in a team. I also added a paragraph or two explaining what I try to do to make my team better and what to avoid while working with me. One thing in my team contract I’m very proud off is my creative media, which is a simple but effective drawing of two people helping their teammate up the mountain. I will not get into too much detail about the drawing, but like to point out that it shows that I will help my teammates, but I will not and cannot do everything alone. However, in my keynote presentation, I did not include my full team member contract because it would be too long. So, I made a design that is a bit more basic focusing on the most important aspects of the contract. This is what the team contract is.

I have another slide in my presentation that talks about my favourite sport, which is mountain biking. I love biking a lot because it is a fun and interesting sport. I think biking is a very unique sport by being dangerous and exiting. However, it is great for more then just fun. It will get you physically in tip top shape. It is extremely healthy and fun, but it is also super expensive because of all the gear and a bike you need to buy. I think biking is still worth it because of all the benefits to our health and just because it is a lot of fun!

Now finally, I have to talk about my art and artist reflection. First, what is my art? It is a construction of me working late at night made out of everyday objects. This was perfect, because it shows that I can contribute to a team by working late at night until our project is done. I wrote a reflection on my art creation explaining what my art represents and what it means, as I just said above. Just like the reflection I’m doing right now. This is very helpful for me to see what I learned and how it helps me in the real world. I learned that I can do anything when I put my mind to it, even being creative! As well as that, I learned that me working very hard until it is done is something I can bring to the group. 

This is my reflection to my keynote presentation. I’m very proud of it and I’m very thankful for you reading my reflection. 😁 bye👋


This is my keynote presentation

thank you for watching my video if you did. Have a great rest of your day.

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