This is my blog post for my tectonic chances project


For this project we made a really cool board game that is based on a giant volcano that’s about to erupt and you have to escape the island by bypassing all of the natural disasters


For a more detailed explanation of the rules and instructions click this

Final Game Rules

in this project I used the three core competencies in multiple ways


I used the first core competency which is communication. During the project, When I was texting my partners online so we were all on board we all made sure that we communicated with each other through iMessage so we could remind each other about important details and other parts of the physical or online part of this project. I also used  in-person communication while we brainstormed ideas and important additions to our project. I think that we used this core competency to an accomplished level. This specific competency was challenging for me because I didn’t know my partner so I wasn’t trying my hardest to succeed. Although after a while I finally started trying my best which helped make this a great project.


The second core competency is called thinking. I think this was the least challenging of the three. because I love to brainstorm with a partner. We used this by weighting down questions and ideas by thinking. We used thinking for everything in this project especially the creativity side of it making the model of the game and the rules. Speaking of the rules, don’t forget to check them out by clicking the link above.


The last core competency is in my opinion the most important. It is personal and social. This has a huge role because it helps you work hard and make you have more ideas and it helps you communicate. Although this Isn’t very helpful when writing or doing extreme thinking. But this ties all the competencies together. This helped me talk and work with my partner so we got more work done. As I said before this is in my opinion the most important competency.


Now I’m going to show you my mind map also called a brainstorm or and MindNode. A mind map is a way to get your brain thinking. Mine has a question and knows that it helped me through this project.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have a great rest of your day.


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