I think everyone loves to go on field trips but because of covid we haven’t got much of a chance until our amazing PLP teachers made it happen. We went to loon lake a amazing lake resort. The loon lake we went to is in maple ridge, Vancouver, Now you may be asking why, why did you go on this trip well to learn of course. And it was more then just slandered desks and and a white board we got to go out to the world and enjoy our beautiful planet we learned so much on this trip not just about nature and survival and things like that but we learned about the renaissance the time where many major milestones were reached. We learned how u use name charts to help us understand the person invention or anything that happened in the renaissance so we can learn more about it. We also played laser tag and battle archery which was so fun. Everything we did is actually in this book right below.



Now that you know about all the amazing things we did on this trip let me explain what our entire set up is. There are 5 cabins 2 for grade 8 and 2 for grade 9. Then if you walk up the hill you will pass the panabode which is a lounge area and also one of the advisory groups. Now if you walk further up the hill you will get to my favourite place the eating hall. I loved the eating Hall because the food there was five star taste and even better service. If you go to the bottom left there is the grade 8 cabin. The building was split into two cabins one cabin was for the girls and the other for the boys. In the middle of the cabins was the gym which was also my advisory. But the gym was also a great place to play basketball with my friends i had a great time there everyday. If you go too the far far right you will meet the wet and cold rope bridge and the amphitheatre the rope bridge used a pulley system to get across the water and the amphitheatre was only used at the begging to inform everyone of the rules and other important matters. In the middle of it all is the two grade 9 cabins first the yew cabin which was a advisory group and then the Arbturus which was a advisory group meeting place and where we did DI work. To Finnish it all off if you look to the very far left you will see a big field which we only used for battle archery but which was really fun. Thank you o much for listening to my very amazing and fun trip too the highly recommended loon lake in maple ridge, Vancouver.

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