One thing you should know about me is that when we are working together in a team, I will treat you how you treat me. I am a great, loyal friend that will always make sure to build you up. Not only that, but I work hard all the time. I always focus on what I am doing to finish what needs to get done. Also, I am happy to help my friends or teammates any time. I am always open to encouraging criticism so that I can keep improving. I work very well in a team because I love sharing my ideas and listening to others. I am very kind and helpful, and I try my best to always give kind, helpful, and specific feedback. As you already should, please make sure to always keep conversations between us private unless there is a specific reason not to.

I think that one of the most key things to remember while working in a team is that not everyone is like you! Whether that means they aren’t as good as you at drawing or building things, or just simply not working as hard as you. Yet, they might be really skilled at writing clear and precise paragraphs. Everyone has different talents and skills. I always remember this and at all times try my best to encourage others in my group to do their best in everything they do.

My Bitmoji

My bitmoji icon tells a lot about me as a person by showing my interests and style. This could help my friends and teachers to better understand my creative side and what I can add to a team. Right of the bat, I have a bike sticker representing my love for mountain biking. Along with that, I have the Fox logo witch is my favourite safety biking gear brand. I also have Glorias gaming logo because it looks cool and I love their products. Of course, we can’t miss the cool blue diamond representing my desire to be a successful person in life, and I believe a success besides many different things also includes being able to be a good team player. After that is my favourite mythical creature a Chinese dragon. I love these creatures because it must take an outstanding imagination to design one.  Last, but not least is my favourite piece of clothing, a hoodie, because is very comfortable and fun to wear.

My user manual

My User Manual can help others to get to know me better. I selected sections from the manual that can help to understand how I might work in a team.


My creative media

For ‘my creative media’, I have chosen a simple and clear style of drawing to represent how I can best help in a team. The drawing shows that I will help people whenever possible and do as much work as possible. It also shows that I cannot do everything alone, but I work as a team to help everyone to get to the top. This picture shows as well that when I help people I don’t do the work for them, but we work together to help each other to succeed.

As simple as the picture is that is how simple my help is. The simplicity of the drawing also represents giving my teammates a simple, but effective feedback. I might give them an outline or base idea, so that they can change or improve to get successfully to the top. In addition, the drawing also shows that I’m always happy and in a good mood no matter what challenge I have to face. This is shown by the smiles on the faces.