Paid Summer Opportunity

Summer Internships for High School Students (No Experience Required)

Are you currently a high-school student looking to work this summer with your friends and make lots of money? Looking for

a scholarship through a company? Are you still figuring out what you want to do after you graduate? (Hint: You don’t have to

go to school right away!)


• Part-time or full-time hours

Weekends, evenings and holidays off

• Make new friends working on a diverse team

• Beautiful work locations around Metro Vancouver

• Work on locally based crews

• Variety of tasks and teams

• Work outside in the fresh summer weather

• Become healthier and stay active

• Ample opportunities to return every summer

• Opportunity to turn a summer job into a long-term


• Excellent on-the-job training

Send your resume to

If you are interested in applying this summer please see Ms. Bramley and find out how you can get Work Experience credits (4credits)