Media & Film Career Expo

Behind the Scenes Expo 2022

Get Ready

When: Monday, April 11th
Where: Roundhouse Community Centre

The Behind the Scenes Expo is Vancouver’s only film industry job fair. Meet industry professionals who can help you pursue your career in design, filmmaking, drawing, photography, sound design, writing, computer programming or video games.

More companies and post-secondary schools to be announced!

To register for the full Youth Media Conference: please fill in the form here.

Expo Participants

Animation / VFX Companies and Studios

Post Secondary Education

Guilds and Unions


Edible Garden After School Program

Edible Garden Project After School Program

The Edible Garden Project is launching a five-week after school workshop series about local food and garden literacy.  Sessions will be in person and geared towards families with children (age 8-12) on the North Shore.  The program will run on Thursdays from 3:30pm-5:00pm February 10 to March 10.  For more information, see or contact Cindy Wei (

SCIENCE World – Girls and STEAM Workshop

Join us for an action-packed week of science!

Girls and STEAM  provides engaging, future-focused opportunities throughout the year for girls across British Columbia to explore dream careers in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & design, and math).

Our upcoming February event will be packed with workshops, hands-on activities and panel discussions where girls ages 14-16 will learn about a variety of scientific topics and careers from industry experts at no cost.

Date – February 22, 24 and 26
Time – Feb 22 and 24: 5pm-7pm, Feb 26: 9am-12pm
Location – Online
Tickets – Free


Women in Aviation Career Info Sessions

Connecting Women and Aviation | Elevate Aviation

Elevate Aviation provides a platform for women and underrepresented groups to thrive and succeed through careers in aviation. For more information VISIT HERE

2022 Virtual Cross Country Tour

This year marks our 6th annual Cross Country Tour! We have made the decision to once again present the tour virtually over five days, featuring incredible guest speakers from coast to coast, and reaching thousands of young girls and women.

From March 7-11th, our virtual tour will present from different regions across Canada. Each day will host 3 one-hour sessions, with an opportunity to hear from three different speakers per session. Attendees must register in advance for each session.

Women’s contributions to aviation and aerospace are crucial to the future of the industry. With looming occupational shortages and a desire for greater diversity, the need to promote aviation careers to women and girls is more important than ever.

The Cross Country Tour is free of charge. Each session features a different aspect of aviation in different regions of Canada. This is an opportunity for women of all ages to explore the variety of careers available in aviation and hear from women who are passionate about what they do. You will hear stories and learn some really cool things about careers such as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Air Traffic Controller, Pilot, Aerospace Engineer, and a variety of Airport Operations roles.


The tour will take place virtually on Google Meets from March 7-11, 2022. Participants will tune in live for presentations and Q&A with the guest speakers.

Each province / territory has unique and interesting aviation careers, roles, and needs. We recommend tuning in to your own region to hear about topics most relevant to you.

*Note the time zones for each date when selecting your preferred tour dates*

Connecting Women and Aviation | Elevate Aviation

Adventures In Healthcare – Free Course

Are you a student who is interested in a career in healthcare but don’t know what you want to do there?

Adventures in Health Care 2022  is an ONLINE survey course of career pathways and educational opportunities in health sciences.  The ONLINE program is open to all high school students and is a stepping stone career development experience for all interested British Columbia students.


Year after year during student interviews we hear the same lament…, “I know what I want to study, but I just don`t know what I want to do”. If that sounds like you, this is where you belong. It is about exploring in places you haven`t been before (of course we are talking figuratively).

  • The purpose of the ROTARY Adventures in Health Care program is to help those interested in EXPLORING educational and career opportunities in health care. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the LIVE program has been suspended until at least 2023.
  • The ONLINE program is not meant to replace the LIVE program. Adventures in Health Care ONLINE  will broaden your scope of knowledge in the field of health sciences, allowing you to make more informed choices as you move forward in high school. Good planning gives you good results.
  • What follows below is an outline of the ONLINE program.
    • Unit 1 – Exploring the sites and sounds of the LIVE program
    • Unit 2 – Stepping into the life of a Canadian medical doctor in her final years in residency. Her insights are 21st Century and sometimes thought provoking.
    • Unit 3 – Investigating how diseases were handled in our look back in history.
    • DOING SCIENCE – Interspersed through out the units are some hands on lab experiments and case studies. The labs were originally designed to do at home but one in particular we have learned works better with the use of a microscope. You may have to check with your science teacher at school to use one if you choose to hunt for a Tardigrade.

The ONLINE program will go live for the month of March, 2022. There are brief quizzes following some segments that will encourage you to look back and recall what you have just watched and read….its called retention. The quiz is not a pass or fail, its purposes is….you guessed it, retention. But you  are encouraged to retake each quiz if you are not happy with the results ,…remember its about learning. There is no fail,  just lack of knowing. Upon completion of the three units of the program(participating in all the quizzes and the student survey at the end) a certificate will be awarded in early May. It can be used in your graduation portfolio as well as your Capstone Project in Grade 12.