Career in Sports Industry Event – Hosted by Whitecaps Staff

Careers in the Sports Industry

Vancouver Whitecaps Career in Sports Panel. This is a great program for anyone who is looking to enter the sports industry after completing their studies. The event will take place Tuesday, May 25th at 6pm and will feature members of the Whitecaps Staff from different departments to give a full overview of the organization.

If anyone is interested in attending, here is the link to purchase a ticket:



Oceanwise Youth To Sea Leadership Program

YouthToSea is a program for youth aged 15-18 in the lower mainland that aims to empower them to make a difference towards ocean conservation. It brings together 80 youth to provide them with opportunities to develop their ocean conservation knowledge and personal skills. It is a hands-on service-learning program that has three main components, (1) immersive learning journeys that help the youth explore their connections to nature and science-based career paths (2) skill building workshops that work with the youth to improve on their soft skills, and (3) ocean service projects which give the youth an opportunity to create their own service project in their community.

At YouthToSea, we endeavour to unite youth with one common goal: to protect and conserve our oceans. Our mission is to coach youth and provide them with opportunities to develop their problem-solving, critical-thinking, and communication skills. At the end of our program, youth are equipped with skills, tools, and strategies to be active decision-makers in their local, regional, and national communities.

(1) Immersive Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys are opportunities to take part in outdoor excursions or workshops that help youth explore their connections to nature as well as introduce a variety of science-based career paths. All learning journeys are connected to Ocean Wise’s conservation strategy pillars: Climate Change, Unsustainable Resource Use and Pollution. Past examples of Learning Journeys include:

  • Kayak & Water Sampling: Kayak deep cove and learn how to take water samples and analyze them for common water quality indicators
  • Takaya Salmon Tour: Boat up Indian arm to a salmon spawning deep pool to swim with migrating salmon. Learn about traditional Tsleil-Waututh uses of the land and more about the sustainability of Salmon as a resource.
  • Providence Sailboat: Spend the day sailing in Howe Sound on the Providence, learning about the ecology in the area and oceanography as a career path.
  • Snowshoeing the Watershed: An exploration of Seymour via snowshoe, learning about our local watersheds and how they contribute to the health of the coastal ecosystem and oceans as a whole
  • Salmon Skin Leather Making: Learn how to turn raw salmon skins into usable leather and explore the role of traditional knowledge and Coast Salish traditions in this 2 day workshop
  • Shoreline Cleanups: Join the group to complete shoreline cleanups, direct action that leads to a healthy ocean environment.

(2) Skill Building Workshops

These workshops bring the group together to work on improving your soft skills and confidence. They are all based in experiential learning, which means there will be no lecturing, only hands on activities and games to promote learning. Workshop topics may include:

  • – Action Planning
  • – Communication
  • – Public Speaking
  • – Problem Solving
  • – Leadership
  • – Mental Health Strategies

(3) Ocean Service Project

As part of this program, we encourage students to create their own ocean service project to address a conservation issue they see in their own community. In the past students have run shoreline cleanups, led waste-free workshops, held film screenings, and campaigned to make their schools single-use plastic free to name a few. The ocean service project can be whatever the student is interested in. Examples from the 2020/2021 cohort can be found at www.youthtoseablog/com/y2sshowcase

Ocean Wise will provide resources to help with these projects including one on one mentorship and access to grant funding.

Time Commitment:

This program asks participants to commit to completing 120 hours of service before March 2022. The program is designed for participants to earn service monthly Learning Journey’s across Metro Vancouver. Youth can expect to contribute 10-12 hours a month to the program.

The program will begin June 1st 2021 and conclude March 31st 2022. Generally, each month there will be the opportunity for one full day excursion, one part-day workshop and one monthly group call online. The program also includes a 3 day, 2 night immersive learning journey during Spring Break 2022 (location TBD).


  • Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada
  • Must be 15-18 years of age (Born between June 1st 2002 – June 1st 2007)

Cost of Participation:

This is a fully funded program and there is no cost to the participant. This includes costs for offsite travel, food, accommodation, and certification expenses.

YouthToSea Group Calls:

Attendance at YouthToSea Monthly Group Calls is strongly encouraged to be able to meaningfully and successfully engage in the leadership program.

Youth should expect to gain experience with these soft skills:

  • Leadership; decision-making, mentoring, and conflict management
  • Communication; listening, negotiation, and public speaking
  • Critical Thinking; problem-solving, adaptability, and innovative-solutions
  • Teamwork; cultural- and self-awareness, empathy, and inclusion

Wildlife Ambassador Student Opportunity

Spring 2021 volunteer opportunities:

Wildlife Ambassadors

This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity, with events taking place during Spring and Summer 2021. Volunteers will be expected to have a high level of self-reliance and be comfortable making short presentations to the public.

Volunteers will represent the library on outings in the community, and advocate for our new Biodiversity Observation Project where we collect data about the wildlife in our community to help City Parks learn and manage our outdoor spaces. Those who volunteer to attend City Park Stewardship Activities will also be expected to help with activities and manage invasive species (you will get your hands dirty pulling weeds).

Who we’re looking for

  • Youth ages 13 and older in grades 8 – 12
  • Youth interested in developing their environmental stewardship and nature advocacy skills
  • Youth who want to contribute to their community, outdoor spaces and local wildlife
  • Youth who are outgoing, self-motivated and comfortable with public speaking

What you’ll do

  • Learn about biodiversity in our community, help track it and encourage others to do the same
  • Attend and participate in City Park stewardship activities or accompany our Book Bike when making community visits
  • Advocate and instruct on the City Library Biodiversity Project
  • Help manage invasive species in parks
  • Give mini presentations to your classes about our project and the impact of participating


  • Earn at least four hours of volunteer time
  • Participate in orientations
  • Be a lead for one stewardship activity and a standby for one stewardship activity
  • Schedule one classroom presentation and have a teacher sign off on it
  • Present at one stewardship activity and then participate at the stewardship activity
  • Join us for a special biodiversity data orientation to present on the findings of our project
  • Stay up-to-date with the project to keep presentations fresh!

Why you should apply

  • Gain environmental stewardship and advocacy skills
  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Make a difference in your community and help the environment
  • Have fun and meet new people

To sign up, use the REGISTER button at the top of this page.

For additional information about the Wildlife Ambassador program, please email librarian Kat Barrette at

Camp Ignite – Firefighter Opportunity for Female Students

Become a Camp Ignite Participant
Do you have an interest in exploring the limits of your potential?
You are invited to share in this unique experience while working with a team of like-minded friends who share your passion for challenge and adventure.
To be considered for participation, please complete the Camp Ignite Participant Application Form and e-mail it to by June 1st, 2021. 

Vancouver Virtual Career Fair – April 14

Event Info

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm PST


Click here for a video on being an attendee.
Click here to see a list of exhibitors.
Click here to see our past exhibitors.

About Career Fair Canada

Since 2014, Career Fair Canada has been the source for job-seekers and recruiters to connect. This event is the perfect opportunity for recruiters and job seekers to network and discover new opportunities.

Youth4Action Leadership Boot-Camp – March 16/17/18

Youth4Action Leadership Boot-Camp

Are you a Metro Vancouver high school student who is passionate about influencing sustainability and making a positive impact in your community? Do you want to add skills and knowledge to your leadership toolbox – to address the challenges facing our region and planet?

If yes, this upcoming Youth4Action event is for you.




March 16th, 17th, & 18th – 10:30am to 2:30pm

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 ambitious goals aimed at creating a more sustainable, inclusive and equal planet. Leaders across the globe are using the SDGs to tackle global challenges like climate change and reducing inequality. The SDGs can also help to promote understanding of global issues and the need for local actions.

To sign up – CLICK HERE

JABC TechWorks – March 2, 2021


Agenda – JABC TechWorks 2.0 – March 2 2021

JABC is pleased to invite you to participate in the online version of this popular in-person program. It’s free of charge for all B.C. high school students and aligns with B.C.’s new curriculum. The same live program event will be offered four times in March and May:

JABC TechWorks is an exciting multi-school program experience that introduces B.C. students to a variety of tech and tech-related careers. Because technology is a leading economic driver of growth, the demand for skilled employees is sky high.

In 2021, JABC is converting the traditional one-day JABC TechWorks program into an interactive online program that will reach approximately 2,000 students province-wide— more than ever before.

YMCA Free Employment Bootcamp

Information Session for the YMCA Youth Employment Bootcamp program – a free employment program to increase your skills and get you working!

About this Event

  • Are you unemployed and looking for full-time work?
  • Are you15-30 years old(inclusive)?
  • Are you legally entitled to work in BC?
  • Do you live in the Vancouver, the Lower Mainland or the Fraser Valley?

If you answered Yes to the above questions, register for an Information Session today!

Now offered online, the YMCA’s Youth Employment Bootcamp program will help you build skills, strengths and abilities to find and maintain a job.

Participants spend four weeks attending and participating in online workshops that focus on a variety of employability and life skills, followed by individualized support from an Employment Coach to enter employment or a work experience placement. Our goal is to get you working, and we’ll be with you every step of the way!

Participants benefit from online training and work experience with local businesses. Yes, training is paid! In addition to accessing a variety of employment readiness and job maintenance workshops, participants also benefit from access to vocational training courses and ongoing support during and after the program.

We are now recruiting participants for 2021!

To participate in this program, youth must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • 15 to 30 years old at the start of the program
  • Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a person on whom Conventional Refugee status has been confirmed
  • Be living in Greater Vancouver or Fraser Valley region in BC, Canada
  • Have a Social Insurance Number and be legally eligible to work in Canada
  • Be unemployed and not in full-time schooling
  • Be experiencing one or more barrier to gaining or maintaining employment

If you meet the above eligibility criteria, register with us today to join an online info session, where you’ll find out more about the program in detail.

Youth must attend an online information session prior to be accepted in to program. Participants will need access to a laptop/computer and internet in order to successfully participate in the program (if you have a barrier to accessing online technology, please call or email us via the contact details below).

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to text or call us on:

Surrey Location: 604-218-3785

Vancouver Location: 604-506-3882

Or email:


– The YMCA Youth Employment Bootcamp team