Work Experience and Apprenticeship –

Seycove’s  Work Experience course is a joint effort between community businesses and the school.  At Seycove, students enrolled in the Work Experience course will complete 90+ hours of work experience at a job placement that may help them with career decisions.

Students are given assistance in job placement opportunities that are relevant to them and their focus area.  Students further develop their resume and understand the importance of cover letters, thank-you letters, work safety, employability skills, interview skills, and decision-making process.

You will work with your Work Experience Facilitator and your Work Experience Teacher, to determine the best fit for placement, based on career focus, skills to be acquired and employer availability.

There are 3 components to the Work Experience Program


  • 15-20 hours In-class work with your Work Experience Teacher and Work Experience Facilitator
  • Work Experience Application Form
  • 1701 Data Registration
  • Signed Course Outline
  •  Focus Areas (My Blueprint)
  • 1:1 meeting with WEX Teacher
  • Copy of Workers Compensation Certificate
  • Employability Skills
  • Interview Readiness Checklist
  • Resume & References
  • Cover Letter
  • Thank You Letter
  • Work Safe Review Sheet
  • Student Safety Questionnaire


  • Work Safe Clearance Letter
  • Safety Screening Checklist
  • Work Experience Agreement
    • Standard Work Site
    • Non-Standard Work Site
    • Training Plan (Paid Work)
  • Work Safe Review Sheet
  • Workplace Visitation Report


  • Employer/Supervisor Evaluation
  • Student Safety Questionnaire
  • Students Work Log Sheet
  • Students Self Evaluation & Reflective Report
  • Thank you Letter
  • Updated Resume with Work Experience

Students continue to examine their appropriate career paths. Some activities that are eligible include:

  • Hands-on work experience (business, government, self-employed, non-profit, or volunteer organization)
  • Job shadowing a worker
  • Career mentoring with a worker

Career simulation activities for occupations such as (RCMP, Firefighter) we have academies where students get in depth info and experience.

In most cases, work experience will consist of school-arranged, non-paid placements which sometimes leads to an apprenticeship. For further information, please contact Seycove’s Work Experience Facilitator at 604.903.3666 ext 807909 or email

Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA)  is a training program for trades and technical careers that involves a combination of on the job training and classroom instruction. SSA is a career program that allows students to begin an apprenticeship while still in school and earn high school credits for doing so and be eligible for a $1000 scholarship!!

Hidden Apprentices If you are working you may already be a Secondary School Apprentice. See Ms. Bramley or Ms. Ronsano for more info. The Industry Training Authority (ITA) is the provincial organization that oversees apprenticeship training. For more information, including a list of apprentice-able trades, go to For more info See Mr. Clancy SSA teacher 604.903.3666 or email

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