What the Flip is a Triptych?

A triptych is a three panelled art piece where the left and right parts fold over the middle one. Triptychs are supposed to show a scene that carry’s over all the panels. I think triptychs are pretty cool.

Thesis all the ideas in Europe and Asia changed the world by making your life much easier and providing protection to illnesses, being able to make you see close and far at the same time, and makes you tell the time quite accurately. The thing that protects you from illness is medical practices, it was from the renaissance because a lot of people started looking at the human body around then and a lot of science ideas were created. Another thing from the renaissance is the mechanical clock, it was adapted from the water clock and pendulum the first pocket watch appeared in 1510. The last thing I will type about is the glasses they were first little lenses placed on a page so you could see it better, but the Italian glassblowers made a thing to hold it made out of wood or leather. NEW IDEAS I found the new renaissance stuff improved life by helping you live longer, see better and tell the time easier. The thing that tells time quite close tho the real time is the pocket watch a small device that tells time. The thing that makes you see good is the eye glasses they fold up in your pocket and work good. The thing that helps you get over sickness is medicine like early surgery and other stuff. OLD IDEAS The Traditional stuff before the renaissance were hard to use but if you used them they made your life easier. These items from before the renaissance are the sun dial, the knowledge of good herbs, and this lense rock thing that magnifies. I know this is before the renaissance because professionals have found that for me. MODERN IDEAS the modern stuff is very easy to use and have major benefits you live much longer, tell the time very easily, and see even better than before. The liveing loner is medical ideas like drugs, vaccines, hospitals, and surgeries. The thing that tells time is the wrist watch/digital clock. The thing that lets you see even better are glasses or contacts. Those were adapted from the renaissance age In conclusion all of those inventions were kind of advanced in the renaissance but are even better today.

How I made the triptych: first I planned all the dates I would finish my stuff using the apps things and calendar. Then I started researching innovations from the renaissance. Once I completed my research I made a sketch of what I thought would make a good triptych. When I Finished my left sketch I made a draft for my left panel, right panel, middle panel, and historical explanation. After my drafts were done I revised them and made them better. That is pretty much how I made my triptych.

the hardest thing I did was probably learning how to use SuperimposeX. I think the easiest thing I did was the notes because basically all you need to do is summarize key points of the article. I realize that’s not how you take notes to the best of your ability but it works okay.

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