2023 MPOL

Welcome to my mPol which stands for mid year presentation of learning This mPol is a guide to my learning successes and FAILs.

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner

What does fail mean? In PLP it means First Attempt At Learning. I think the reason we say first attempt at learning instead of failed is because if I failed I would just quit but if it was my first time I would try to get better next time I try the thing.

My Learning Plan

I evaluate myself on all of these projects using my learning plan I created at the beginning of the year before I knew how to Make a blog. All of these projects are on my blog except the outsiders one.

The winter exhibition

I liked the exhibition a lot because I was in a room with some people I knew and people that made it easy to work together. I also liked all of the boxes that were created because everyone used their imagination, creativity, and money to make great boxes. I think parts I succeeded at were the explanation of the box so there was a reason everything was in the box. What I FAILed at was making the box I spent so much time on the explanation I had little time for the box.

The Middle Ages Project

In humanities we had to make 2 keynotes about the spread of power in the Middle Ages. What everyone had to do for the first keynote was to make it about the people in the feudal system, and for the second one we made was about the crusades and the perspectives of Christian’s and Muslims. I succeeded at the first presentation because I made a drawing of everyone I was talking about. Something I could have done better was the second keynote because I lumped text and had the same background and no images, it was just boring and not as good as my first.

The Outsiders

Last year we had our first Humanities project witch was a review about the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. I found the project quite fun because I worked in a group with people I can tolerate. We had to create a book cover and complete these roles while reading the book. I succeeded at working with my group, But I failed when I didn’t share a few of my ideas I didn’t share them because we already had a few ideas and I didn’t want to shoot the other ideas down.

The Renaissance inventions Project 

For this project we had to make a Triptych with at least three renaissance inventions/innovations from Europe or Asia, they then become modern inventions in the middle panel, and on the left panel it was the original inventions before the renaissance. I think I succeeded at using SuperimposeX to make my triptych. But I failed at writing my historical explanation, If I were to do better on it I think I need to see an example first.

The Art book

So Recently I made an art book filled with skills I learned recently so it might not be that good but I think it is. One of the things I succeeded at was the drawing because drawing is fun and easy. One thing I failed at was the cover it was just a stock image of a book I should have made it one of my drawings.

The Geek out

For this mini project Everyone had to make a new page about something they would like to geek out about. That one was really easy because all you have to do is write about something you like. I succeeded at finding a topic. I failed at writing for a long time about the topic because sooner or later you will run out of things to type.

Making Interesting Images

For this mini project we had to go around the school taking pictures and learning new photography skills. I succeeded at taking photos because last year we learned taking photos. I failed at making the photos into a slideshow because I was not sure what ones should go first.

In Conclusion

All of these projects are blog posts except the Outsiders one. I think I did a good job on all of these the proof is on my blog and my learning plan mentioned at the beginning.

Thanks for reading!

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