Zany Oregon Adventures

For this project we went to Oregon Coast, the teachers called it a “Field Study” we went all the way down to Newport Oregon. The Reason we went to Oregon is to interview a local business about what they would want on an advertisement for their business. After everyone Interviewed their business we went home and started making the ad.

Now back to the trip Everyone had to make a journal using the same template so it might look similar to others. Over the course of the trip we stayed in 3 different place the cabins, the yurts, and the hotel. The worst place by far was the cabins it was because there were nails sticking out the roof the bunk beds were really hard to get up to, the redeeming qu’algies were the kitchen had wifi and I brought “the whole operation” according to Nikan. It had a battery powered lamp, and a foldable thing that carries all of my toiletries and I put the the holder thing hanging on the top bunk so I could leisurely grab my stuff.

Next the yurts They were a lot better except our heater smelled like ass, 4 people had to share a bed with another person, and there was a mattress on the floor. Luckily I was on the top bunk by myself so that was good. Also I forgot to mention the cabins had 1 shower open so you could see everyone there. The yurts shower was much better as it was in sectors but there was no curtain to stop your stuff getting wet so my shoes were wet. Not bringing shower shoes worst mistake camping or going anywhere.

Finally the hotel we went to the Fairfield hotel. It was the best but the tap only had warm water so I couldn’t fill up my water bottle. But we had the option to go to the gym or the pool so I went to the gym stay on that grind. I was in a room with two delinquents that snuck out which was dumb I would have preferred sleeping. In the morning we had to pack up we were going home I spent 10 minutes struggling to zip up my bag. The hotel had a great breakfast buffet yogurt, make your own waffle machine, omelettes, breakfast burgers, and more. But one person spilled their stuff on the floor.

On this trip I learned about teamwork, advertising, about Yaquina head Outstanding Natural Area, where wales eat and mate, how to make cheese, what kind of creatures are in a tide pool, a lot about America I have been there before but never in Oregon or for that long.

It was an amazing trip overall, excited to go to Alberta in PLP 9 next year.

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