My Triptych!


This is the final draft I have created for my triptych! To make it, the apps I had used include Procreate, SuperimposeX, Keynote, and google arts and culture. To make my triptych i started off by creating a rough draft of the whole sketch and plan where id want everything to be, next I found a portrait from google arts and culture that somewhat looked like me and cut an image of my face onto the portraits face and added an image of me in each panel, next i added all of my items into every panel, and lastly made final edits in the triptych.

How did ideas from Europe and Asia change the world? Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world over time by inventing innovations that have evolved over a long time and still benefit us today. In this writing I'm going to be going into further detail about my conclusion and how our innovations have grown and improved over many years, talking about innovations through the Renaissance, the innovations in our world, and the time before the renaissance. New ideas in the renaissance that changed the renaissance world A lot of innovations created in the middle ages have still strongly affected us today impacting people's health care, education, religious beliefs, and there lifestyles of living during the renaissance. Some great examples of evolving innovations created during the middle ages I had decided to include the printing press, clock, and lense. The printing press has helped us print books way faster than separate handwriting each one giving us a greater look at knowledge and education, the clock has better helped us understand time easily, and lastly, the lens has benefited us a lot by helping us see easier or closer if someone had a hard time with vision or another great example of a microscopic lense giving us a close up look of something. Traditional ideas people had before the renaissance To represent my right panel I decided to use the catholic church as a really good way to represent that people before the renaissance weren't that creative and didn't want to make a lot of changes in things. Some examples I wanted to include in my panel (representing before the renaissance) were a sundial to represent time, an example of me writing a book, and a cross to represent the catholic church. I decided that the catholic church sets a great example of people’s lives before the renaissance because people were told cruel things and were forced into labour and tithes to be paid, they were also told horrible things by the church if they hadn't paid their tithes in a way to the church. I decided to include the sundial because it represents how clocks were not yet invented and they used the sun to tell time, and finally, I decided to use an example of the paper and quill to show how they had to write books before the printing press was invented New ideas in the renaissance that changes our lives today In today’s world innovations created in the middle ages have evolved over a long period offering us advanced health care, education, beliefs/religions, and of course new technology. Some innovations I decided to include in the center panel of my triptych include new technology of clocks compared to before, the lense representing an everyday camera, and a TV on it having a screen of office space with an example of me on my iPad reading to represent how the printing press even gave us greater ideas on how we can improve education and reading. My conclusion In conclusion, the innovations that have come from Europe and Asia have helped our knowledge and understanding of these everyday inventions and innovations grow a lot over time and strongly impact our lives every day.


I learned so many new skills while making my triptych and I loved experimenting with those different  techniques. It was also really interesting learning about how different innovations have evolved over time through history. For my next project some things I think I will do differently is tryout new superimposeX techniques that could also better benefit to make my project even better and also try and better plan ahead for my triptych. Overall, I really enjoyed making this project and learning about how different innovations have evolved over many years and how I was able to incorporate my skills into this project.





Mpol 2023!

Mpol Blog post 2022

For my first PLP Mpol blog post I will be reflecting on our first semester of the year and the learning plan I had created for myself at the start of it. Im going to be talking about my learning plan and the goals that i had set myself at the start of the year, how I’ve grown as a PLP learner, how I’m going to overcome problems i face in further projects, my weaknesses and strengths, and how I’m going to further reach my learning plan goals by the end of the year. 

My Learning Plan

At the very beginning of the year everyone had to create our learning plans. Our learning plans represent our learning goals we set to strive and meet by the end of our semesters and end of the year.

The learning goal I had set for myself in Humanity’s was accomplished. I set accomplished for this subject because I feel like humanity’s and history isn’t a huge strength of mine and that this is something I might want to grow in and learn a lot more about. My favourite project we did in humanity’s was my slide show on the Middle Ages. I thought it was really interesting in how people lived and how we are affected today by the renaissance.

 For my maker project i chose extending as my learning goal. I chose extending because I believe this is a subject I’m strong in and I can take myself further in it. My favourite Maker project we had done was our pandora winter exhibition. I loved making my box representing pandora and ‘conflict between humans and nature’. I had a lot of fun presenting my work to the public and collaborating with other people in my group to create this really cool room theme.


How I’ve grown as a PLP learner in this semester

Since the start of the year I think I’ve grown a lot and learned so many new useful skills. One thing I feel that has really helped me grow are the blog posts I have created. I decided to choose my blog posts as a great example of a project reflection I do for all my bigger projects that really help me think hard about my strengths in a project I had held compared to some weaknesses I may have had. I also really enjoy the idea of blog posts because its something different I’ve never really done before and to reflect on my learning in a unique way is really interesting.

How do I plan to overcome my future problems as a learner?

Something I think I personally need to work on is asking for further instructions from my teachers or peers if I’m ever confused or not fully understanding something. A project I think I could’ve better used that skill in was my Middle Ages keystone 3 presentation on the slides, I don’t think I had really fully understood all the information I was given which had gotten me a bit confused while making the slides because my notes just weren’t really making sense. I know for next time that its really important to ask any questions and find feedback or help if I’m ever that confused or lost in a project. A project I did use that skill in was ‘making interesting images’, While my class had started this project i was away for majority of the start of it even though i knew what i was doing but it wasn’t fully clear to me so I just got feedback on stuff i may have been doing wrong and what i had not yet added.


Overall, in this semester I’ve grown a lot as a student and gained new skills through maker, humanity’s, and my blog posts exploring new apps I’ve gotten to know better like keynote, Craft, Notability, Sketches pro, and so many more. I look forward for next semester and am exited to learn new skills. Thanks for reading!

The Middle Ages

Middle Ages Reflection

For this Project our main focus was “How did the quest for power impact people’s lives?” We had to create 3 different keystones about Middle Ages introduction, Middle Ages presentation, and a Crusades Presentation. The purpose of this assignment was to teach us more about the Middle Ages and crusades and reflect on what we have learned over the past few weeks through presentations. I thought it was really interesting how the Fudual system worked and how people had more power over others and how people lived in such harsh conditions.


 I started my process by learning most of my information in class through our teachers presentations. After we got our information I needed to start my slides, we started our rough drafts of the presentations. I thought of what slides ill need to make my presentation and added the addititional overview slides, than my informational slides (the 3 justice courts, The Fudual systems, Hierarchy’s, religion, and the driving question).

Challenges That I Had Faced

The biggest challenge I had faced while doing this project for me was trying to find images that werent copyright that didnt look unrealsitic and nothing like how I picture the renaissance. I also had to go back into every image I added into my presentation and give credits to each photo for the photographer. 


Something I think I had done really well was gathering my information and writing a lot of my notes before starting my final draft of my presantation, when i usually dont write as many notes that I had which I think really helped having detailed information on my slides. I’m also really proud with the drawings I had created in procreate of what a manor would have looked like, an example of a village, and 3 drawings of torture devices which is something Ive never really done while making a presentation.



While making these 3 keystones a weakness I had was definetly handing in stuff on time as I kepted looking over my notes and slides to make sure I had every single peace of information in them as I can. I also kepted overthinking a lot of it and making sure everything was perfect. Another weakness I think I faced while creating the keystones was taking peer feedback . I dont think I really changed a lot of the stuff people tryed giving me advice on  which would have definetly helped me a lot next time.

What I will do differenly next time

Something I will definetly be doing differently next time is taking the peer feedback i recieve and making those changes that could hsve benifited my presentations to make them the best they could possibly be. I feel like I also need to stay more productive while doing my work and stay more focused while making them. 


Overall, I feel like my project couldve had a better outcome if I had done some stuff differently but im still really proud of the work I had done and i’m happy I had made more notes cause it had definetly helped me alot in the end. This project was definetly something really different than what ive learned.

Making Interesting Images

Driving question- How might I use a still image to create and communicate through technology?

 For the past weeks our maker class has been working on our photography skills. The driving question was, how might I use a still image to create and communicate through technology. creating and taking these new images, I’ve learned a lot more of what actually makes these images capturing and creative. When we were creating these images some things i reminded myself were what angle and perspective this image will be taken at(would it be a birds eye view, and worms eye view, a close up, or a further away shot), what will the colour contrasts be, and if i needed to add a darker or lighter contrast. Photos can express different feelings and emotions just as a still photo.

1- The first skill i chose that i think is the most useful is the drawing tool. I think having the ability to draw and make the image really creative is a great way to express how that image may feel to you. Ive used it many times and i think it could really bring a perspective and a story out of an image in lots of different ways.

2-The second skill i thought was really useful was creating silhouettes. I think this tool is really useful if you want a basic shape of dark image. To create a silhouette you have to use an image that is darker than the backgrounds contrast.

3. For the last skill that i thought was really useful was the worms eye view and the birds eye view. From the perspective of a worm the image would be looking up and the birds eye view would be looking down. I thought this was a really useful skill somebody can use in a lot of different ways to take creative images.

Geek out- Barrel Racing

What is barrel racing? Before i dive into my journey and a hobby of mine, I’m going to explain what barrel racing even is! Barrel racing is a discipline and style of western riding, and is commonly found in prairie provinces and states. The goal is to race around 3 barrels in the shortest amount of time. 

The first time I had ever ridden was when i was 3. My aunt took me for a “pony ride”at a ranch near my cottage in Manitoba.  When we got there they had put me on a 16hh horse(a pony is around 12hh for comparison). My aunt and mom were really confused but they put me on the horse and i just started riding. After that I had loved horses and started riding more.When my grandma was growing up she had immigrated from Poland to Canada! A lot of Europeans came to Manitoba(like my family). They had moved onto a farm in the middle of Interlake Manitoba. They lived in a small box-cart from an old train and owned a horse named Jessie. Everyday my grandma would ride this horse to school. Believe it or not but they actually had a barn at her school to hold kids horses! My grandma has been the most supportive of my with my riding and she’s taught me a lot.

Horses can teach you a lot too, and that’s something my family has always wanted for me to have. Horses take a lot of work and time and doing chores like sweeping, cleaning, and picking up manure, but they also wanted me to experience lessons horses teach you and the bond and trust needed between you to create a good team. I had spent majority of my summer at my family’s barn in Manitoba. I had some barrel racing competitions and a lot of trail riding with my friends! This summer I will be boarding my own horse so I’m able to compete in more competitions. One of my coaches had also taught me how to cattle rope which was a lot of fun.

Do you think you’d ever want to start riding? If so, starting with beginner lessons would be a great place to start! It took me almost 6 years to start barrel racing because you have to know how to canter and gallop.



How did the blogging process go?

I think the process was really smooth and i had a lot of fun writing about why i love barrel racing and why its so important to me. I also liked telling my story about why its my hobby.

How was it different from what I’ve posted on my blog before?

I think its different because everybody’s formats will be somewhat the same but everybody’s topics will be really different and everybody will write something really different.

What was the most challenging part and why? 

I definitely think the most Challenging part for me was attaching the images, becuase they let going out of place.

What was the easiest part and why? 

The easiest parent for me was the whole writing process, because its something so important to me I didn’t really have to think.

Become a PLP Learner!

Becoming a PLP learner!

We have finished many projects in maker over the coarse of a few months. I am going to list a few projects we have done that best represent who i am as a PLP learner and what I think would best represent me. A few projects we have done so far have been our digital selfie, dream board, bucket list, user manual, YouTube channel, laptop Memoji, and and wordpack. I am going to be talking about 3 projects I think best represent me and would answer the driving question ‘who am I as a PLP learner’. I am going to talk about my wordpack and my laptop Memoji. 

Wordpack- I decided to choose our wordpack assignment to talk about. We were told to write down a list of “i am” statements representing you. At the end we had gone around and looked at everybody’s finished products and what descriptive words people had come up with, using creative words.


Laptop Memoji- My favourite project that we have done has been our laptop Memoji. I liked this project because we got to express our hobbies and what we like by creating digital laptop stickers that represent us. We first made Memojis trying to make them best look like us, We than created our stickers by using keynote to make them colourful, Added designs, made shapes, and etc. We used other tools to make these stickers best describing us by using gradient, alpha lock, borders, shading, shadow, and a lot more fun tools. This is the Memoji I had created!