Linear graphing


All right, so this blog post is going to be short and concise. I’m going to be talking about answering the driving question and how I showed the competencies.

Driving question


How can models change over time?


It changes by showing how your variables and project will change overtime as your project or other thing continues.



Competency: reasoning and analyzing.

  • Definition: estimate reasonably.

Proof: I had to estimate the decimal difference between Great British Pounds and Canadian Dollars. I often has to round up the difference in the prices when I converted the currencies.


Competency: connecting and reflecting.

  • Definition: connect mathematical concepts and other areas and personal interest.

Proof: during the project, I was able to link two-step equations to linear graphing, as well as estimating sums to planning a road trip.

Competency: communicating and representing.

Definition: represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms.

Proof: I showed my proficiency in this competency during the linear graphing portion. I showed symbolic forms through the variables, and I showed mathematical ideas in my budget planing.