Hey guys!


This is a post entirely dedicated to my new avatar! The reason I chose this as my avatar is that I made it in the app “MeMoji”. I made it so that it can look almost exactly like me, which is important. I could have put a dog or a mountain range as my avatar, but it felt more like me, if that makes sense. I wanted to present myself, whilst some people could have a blog focused on their art, or on dance or biking or soccer or whatever. The reason that my avatar looks so much like me is that…1 I have the same wavy hair stile in the same direction—to the left, and above my forehead, as well as having the same brown hair.2 I have the same complexion as my avatar.3 The face shape is identical to my avatar, and there are no birthmarks or moles on my avatar, same as me.I’m finding this app a little tricky. Feel free to leave tips and tricks in the comments below. Thanks! Bye!