My Teamwork Contract Page

Hi, I’m Sofia, I am a PLP student in grade 8. A few things about me is that love doing art and that I am obsessed with the ocean and volley ball.  I recently finished two projects, my Memoji laptop creation and my user manual. My Memoji laptop creation was where I had to make a Memoji that looked similar to me and put stickers on the laptop using keynote. After lots of critique and revision I created this!

I am very happy with the end results because I feel like the stickers are close in style on how I express myself. If I had to make any changes in the future I would probably put more stickers and change my glasses because I just got new ones. 

My user manual is a project I did where you have to basically make a user manual on you as a device (you have to write it in third person as well). 


Over all at the At end of this project I felt really happy with how I wrote it and the ideas I had. I am glad that I did that because I really liked how much thought I put into it. The only thing I could change in the future is adding to the troubleshooting. I am really pleased with the end result. 

In PLP we don’t just do individual projects like these though, we do lots of hands on group activities as well! Right now I am working on a group design ad with some peers. Its really fun and exciting, you get to work with real companies too! (The best part of my group is that they always have an up beat attitude, even on cold, sad, rainy days.) 

When I am doing hands on activities or projects I do more then just do work, I help with ideas I have, I listen, I try to be as inclusive as I can be, I try to be a leader, and more. I am very responsible with what I do even though sometimes I might get off track or overwhelmed with work (Sometimes my head’s stuck up inside the clouds when im off track 😶‍🌫️). I promise that in the future I’ll get better at managing my time and stop getting that off track. I love helping and working problems out. I made a video to correspond to my words to give you a visual of what I mean.


I try to do all of those things as much as possible! I also enjoy working in a team and being positive to one another. I am respectful of people and their boundaries and love when people are being positive to me and my peers. But since I do a lot of these skills I am good for giving others feedback, I also really like it when people give me advise on how to make something better as well. I like this because it helps improve something I made. I enjoy structured feedback and helpful feedback (especially when its kind). 

If all of the above is going to happen with my peers I will promise to do all of the skills I say I can do, I will also maintain using perseverance and will help everyone who needs it. I will work with my peers and take pride in what I say. I promise that I will be kind and supportive to everyone in need.

You reached the end, thank you for reading! Have a great day or night (depending on the time), bye, cya soon! 😁