My Advertisement Journey In Medium is the Message


My final group advertisement for Sweet as Treats.

My group members and their blogs: Keira, Tom, Hannah, Francis, and Charlie.

Hello again and welcome to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my Advertisement project I recently did in Humanities. Our driving question throughout the project was: “How does what we hear, read and see influence us?” In this project we learned all about Historical Perspective and advertisement. When we were taught about Historical Perspective I learnt that some things were okay a long time ago but are not okay to the present day. With advertising we learnt about target audiences and techniques they use. We used this knowledge and made advertisements. 

This project was about making an ad for a business. We did it in groups and worked together, we also had to use an app called Canva. My group was table 3, I have linked my teammates blogs at the top of the page. We first had an interview with our business, in this case Sweet as Treats. When we were at the interview we got information on how to make the ad she wanted (Caroline). Our group made individual advertisements, where we used the information we got during the interview, and then had our group critique them to make them better. With our first drafts we were allowed to use anything in Canva but later we needed to recreate it using media that we had talked or is ours so it was all original. Then once our group is done critiquing one another’s then the teacher does. After lots of changes by the teacher and they approved it then we could work on our group advertisement. We had lots of ideas and lots of critique, we even got feedback from Mr. Hepburn! 

Here is a slideshow on what my individual ads evolving looked like!

I think I did very well on how I designed the final ad and I am very proud of how it looks like now. I am proud of how much the lollipops pop and how the colours contrast, I also like how it all comes together. I hope that projects in the future will be just as fun!

I didn’t just do those ads though. I also did a few in my free time to see what else I could do.

Remember these ones were only for fun.

Up above in my first paragraph I told you about how I learned about historical media. Here is an assignment I had to do on it. I had to choose an ad that was in the 1900s. I chose one that lasted 1890s – 1950s. 

I realized you cant click the link for credit so I’ll put it here:


Looking back on this project I think my strengths this projects were when I was giving critique to my group and when I was designing my advertisement. I think that I did well talking to one another, solving problems, and sharing my ideas that could help improve the group ad. I also think I did well being as inclusive as possible so others can give ideas and their point of view because everyone sees things differently.

My stretches this project were when I was putting lots of pressure on myself to make my ad look great. I also think that maybe in the future I could be more open to emailing or talking to our business. I also think I could have done better at making it so the only thing in the photo is the lollipops and not the love rockets in as well (basically focusing on one thing). 

Overall I think that the answer to our driving question (how does what we hear, read, and see influence us) was that we are being influenced by hearing the latest new, listening to others opinions, reading newspaper articles, persuasive advertisements, and argumentative statements. During these things they use Pathos (to use your emotional thinking), Logos (using logic), and Ethos (using right or wrong statements). This influences us by making us think what is and isn’t right, even if it’s something completely different then what you thought. 

Anyways that’s the end of my blog post, cya next time!

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