Becoming a PLP Learner, a Maker Project.

Hello and welcome to or back to my blog, in this post I will tell you about my most recent maker project! For the past few months I have been working towards on answering the driving question, how could I build and strengthen the PLP learning team? I have been working on lots of projects to try and answer this question, such as: my User Manuel, my Team Contract, my Physical representation, and my Big Life Journal. I had to do an exhibition on this too! 

You may be wondering what the exhibition looked like, well your in luck, I can help you visualize what it looked like! It started off with a presentation by the teachers and how you critique properly. After it was finished every parent was given two sheets of paper, one blue, one white. The blue paper was the sheet that your parent would critique your project, where as the white one was where you needed to critique a different students project. It was set up by each group had a few tables, every kid had their iPad on the table set up to their keynote presentation, then a parent would come up to a student, the student would present and then the parent would critique. 


These were some of the critique pages I got!

I also have a photo with Keira, Hannah, and myself!

Doing this exhibition was super fun and was an amazing experience. Looking back on how I did I am very proud of how well I presented it. I feel like that in the future we should do more exhibitions because it made me realize it helps with how nervous I get presenting in front of older people. Sure I stressed out a lot because I was nervous but in the end it was super fun. I think for next time I should try to not stress out as much because I can remember this great experience.

If you would like to see what my keynote presentation here it is!



I also put some of my user manual on my team contract if it sounds like something you would like to see. thought I did really well considering the fact I needed to write it in third person. 

During this project I realized I have grown since the beginning of this year. I realized that I am getting better at presenting, writing, making, and visualizing things. I am proud how well I did at the exhibition and how natural I was. Maybe in the future I could think more about an answer then just answering it right away. I am pleased with how well I am getting at writing paragraphs. I am happy to say I have improved greatly by critique from my peers, they helped a lot. I am getting better at so many skills but I still need to improve some, such as: not putting too much pressure on myself, managing my time, and being more organized. I will try my best on using apps that help with these things, I have been using Things but maybe in the future I can find another app that can help.

I think the answer to the driving question (how could I build and strengthen the PLP learning team) for me for me would be skills like solving problems, sharing ideas, listening, being a leader, and being creative. I help the best I can by using my skills when needed. I try my best to use these skills as much as possible. Looking back on how I was working I think I used all of these skills at least once. I feel like there were lots of opportunities to use these skills so maybe in the future i could work more on taking advantage of those opportunities and using my skills.

Thats all for now, cya soon and thank you for reading! Have a good day or night!

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