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Hello welcome to or back to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my most recent project in Maker! In our first class we started off by learning about who Fred Herzog was. Fred Herzog did an unusual type of photography, it was different because in the 1950s and 60s almost all photos were black and white, but he took photos in colour and did street photography. We learned about him because it would help us look at perspective and how angles effect the result of the photo. 

SKILL 1: Composing Composition  

In this class we took an ordinary object and took photos to see how the light and perspective impact the photo. We also learned about the exposure to light it needs depending on the angle of the camera and how you like it. We then learned about foreground and background. With this knowledge we went outside and took photos. After we had some photos we took one and marked it up with the editing tools in the camera/photo app. I ended up using my water bottle, I turned it into an eye (I used the mouth of my water bottle). I liked this idea because then on the sides I could write a funny message  to go along with it.

SKILL 2: Adjusting Angles

In this class we needed to take a photo of someone and capture more then just an image. First we got to play around with an app called Photo Booth. We also had to test out the timer in camera.we learned that the most memorable portraits use great lighting and composition to be able to capture not only the person but their personality traits as well. Then we revisited basic camera angles. Once we relearned that we got partners and went out to take photos of you and your partner, when we did this we needed to make sure we got all the angles. After this we got new partner and took photos of each others side profiles. Then with the photo we used filters to make it a silhouette. Then we had to go home and recreate a photo from the past remembering theses skills.

SKILL 3: Manufacturing Mood

In this class we learned that landscape does more then show a place, it shows the beauty of the place through colour, composition, and contrast. For this we needed to remember the rule of thirds and background a foreground. Before we went anywhere we needed to use panorama in side to side and up and down. After we knew how to use panorama we went to a small beach, when we went there we needed to take basic and advanced angles. After we returned back to class we learned how to use Snapseed to apply filters and photo shop the image. Then  it was time to go home, before we left we picked a random mood and had to take a photo on the mood, mine was triumphant.

SKILL4: Creating Collages

In this class we needed to do two assignments, on collage about your interests and your name filled of letters or items all around. For the first assignment we needed to have a picture of yourself and make it so you are thinking of things you like, people did this differently by expressing what they like. For me I just made it as a thought bubble. I liked this because I could make it look like I was thinking of things I like but in a collage way. For the name you needed to go around the school and find things. Some people, like me, when they got home they found some other cool items to put. After you got your letters you needed to make the background more personalized. I personalized the background by drawing a flower with lots of petals, I tried to make it look a bit like scales because I like dragons and it corresponds with mythical creatures. I did a page to it too, check it out here: *Link*

In Skill 5: Molding Movement I was sadly not here, but I did do the homework assignment. From what I was told they were thought about how to make a gif, in this small paragraph I’ll do a brief explanation on how I made one. To make one I suggest using Keynote because that’s how I was thought. Put the things you want to move onto the layout then animate the things you want to move, after you are done and it’s how you like it you need export it by “animated gif” then you press share and add it to photos. Once its in your photos you now have an animated gif. I made my bubbles by drawing a line where I want it to go and make it bigger when it’s going.

Overall I am really happy with how all my photos turned out. I’m mostly proud of my mood photo, the photo where you needed to recreate an old photo, and my animated gif, I like these because of how much work I put into them and how they turned out in the end. A few things I could work on are coming into tutorial time more and using time more effectively. Hopefully we can do more projects like this because I really enjoyed it. Bye for now, cya in my next post!! Also MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSSSS 🎄🎁🥳

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