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Hello and welcome to or back to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my most recent project in Humanities. For this project the driving question was “What can The Outsiders teach us about worldview?” For this post Ill tell you a bit about the story because when I will we talking about it you will know what characters are which. In the beginning we would read the book “The Outsiders” in class and sometimes outside of school. The author, S.E. Hinton, started writing the book at 15 years old, the first copy was sold when she was 17. 


In this story it was set in the 1960s, it was in a small town in Oklahoma. In this town there were two gangs, The Socs and The Greasers. The Socs were people with lots of money and The Greasers were less fortunate when it came to money. During the book The Socs and The Greasers could never get along, they rivalled each other. The Socs would jump the Greasers and the Greasers would jump other people. Some Socs we were introduced to: Randy Anderson, Bob Sheldon, Cherry (Sherri) Valance, and Marcia. Some Greasers we were introduced to: Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Darry Curtis, Dally (Dallas) Winston, Johnny Cade, Two-Bit (Keith) Mathews, and Steve Randle. A few Socs jumped Johnny, we were told in the book that it was really bad because Johnny was tough, he never cries but this time he did because of how much pain he was in. All Johnny remembered were rings on the Socs hand that was beating him up. Everything I just told you is background information, the most primary senes are: When Ponyboy and Johnny met Cherry (Sherri) and Marcia in the drive in movie theatre. When Ponyboy ran out of the house because his older brother, Darry, hit him, this resulted in him finding Johnny and they went to the park. Then some Socs, the same ones that beat up Johnny, jumped them, then Johnny killed one (Bob) because he was drowning Ponyboy in the fountain. Then Ponyboy and Johnny talked to Dally and told them to go run away to an abandoned church, Dally gave them some money for food too, they stayed there until it was safe. Then Dally goes up there to take them home, along the way they pass by the church being burned down. They went over and were told kids were still inside, Ponyboy starts to run inside the church to save them but then Johnny runs after. Johnny got badly hurt and needed to go to the hospital, he ends up being hospitalized and a rumble between The Greasers and Socs breaks out. After the rumble (that The Greasers won) Dally and Poneyboy went to the hospital to see how Johnny was holding up. They saw that Johnny was only getting worse and then he passed away. Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. Dally then doesn’t know how to cope with his pain so he goes out and robs a store, then he runs out and he points a gun at the police which resulted in the cops shooting him. Then after that court happened because of what Johnny did because Ponyboy was a victim in the jump, they were scared that Ponyboy was going to be taken away from his brothers and put in a home. After court they ended up all staying together and it ended up well. (Sorry for the large summery!! 😬)

After every chapter of The Outsiders we would get into groups and summarize the chapter, each chapter we would change groups. When we were summarizing what happened we all told each other questions we had, we would then collaborate and try to answer the questions.

When we were reading the book we had lots assignments along the way, our first assignment was to write a short worldview paragraph on how you understand it. We got an introduction to the seven elements of worldview, Geography, Time, Beliefs, Society, Values, Economy, and Knowledge, these aren’t the only aspects but the most primary ones. here’s my paragraph!

During this project we needed to make a character deck, here is mine!

After that we learned more about the aspects of worldview and we were assigned to make a MindNode. In this MindNode we needed to make sections of the seven aspects, in those sections we were told to put at least 3 things that you want to happen in the future or what you think is right. Here is mine!


Then we needed to choose a group and assign roles I was the Artful Artist, I needed to choose a scene in the book that was impactful, I chose the time when Dally died, here is what I said to describe my photo: “I chose the scene where Dally, unfortunately, dies. I chose this because I thought it was very impactful for me and very sad. I found it impactful because of how he basically committed suicide. It was sad in so many ways but I found that it was really sad because he would rather die then not live without Johnny.” Here is my drawing!

The next assignment we needed to do was an individual movie poster about The Outsiders. I tried to make mine like I am Poneyboy and the grey photo of me is Johnny, I made it like Johnny was a shadow. Anyways, here it is!

Then we did a “You Vs. Who Character Analysis.” For this a group of people had the same character as you (From the outsiders) and had to fill in some questions about him/her. For this we needed to show prof of our answers as well, at the bottom of the page we also needed to connect his/her worldview.

Then we needed to make a movie trailer. For this we got into different groups that our teachers assigned. We had lots of problems in our trailer especially on how we didn’t have lots of time. For this trailer we needed to make it more like The Outsiders would like be in 2021.

Here it is!

Then we watched the Outsiders movie, we had to do an assignment to compare the book and the movie. I found that the book was better then the movie because the book had so much more detail. Anyways, here is the assignment!

Then we needed to make a group movie poster for this we needed to include 2 world aspects and we needed to have everyone in the group in the poster. We also needed to make it like the book and not like our trailer we made together.

Ill show what my comment was for the worldview too down below.

Then we needed to work on our Tableau scene pitch form, this is what we came up with.

Then we needed to sketch out what we thought our tableau would look like, we did this so that everyone could have an idea of what other examples of the same tables would look like.

Here is my sketch!


The class then did a Fish bowl presentation, I’m not totally sure on what they did because I was sick. I do know that every group had a run through and thought of what props to bring and what to make for the set.

Once I finally came back to school it was the day of the Exhibition. My group (the same one as the trailer and poster) and I worked all day on props and set design. Hannah and I made a small police car to go into the background, I helped cut out leaves from paper, and I helped everyone get organized. It took a while when we were setting up because most of the designs were made that day! 

When it was time we all got pizza and drinks, it was amazing! On our last exhibition we didn’t get dinner at the school so this was a really cool experience!

Once it was time to present to the parents it was scary at first, but once I got used to it I couldn’t wait until more people saw what we made! I was really proud of how it turned out but I now see that there was lots of room for improvement, things I can fix in future projects!

Here are some photos of the exhibition!

To come back to our driving question, “What does The Outsiders teach us about worldview?” I can definitely see how the Outsiders and Worldview and great to learn together. The reason why I say this is because when I started this project I thought “Oh worldview, I know what that is, it’s what you’re opinions are based on your life style.” I realize now that worldview is so much more then just life style, its also everything and one around you that make up your worldview, The Outsiders taught me that, no matter who you are you will have different opinions on things then someone else might. Cya on my next post, bye, have a greasy day or night!

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