Geek Out! Places I Will Want to Visit After Covid-19 ends- Part. 3

DISCLAIMER: If you haven’t checked out Part 1 and 2 first you should before reading this!

This is a drawing I drew according to what my post is about.  I put lots of time and effort into it so I hope you like it! (Sorry if some parts are not detailed, I’m not so good at detailed drawings so I went for a different look!) According to my drawing can you figure out what place I would want to go next? Keep reading to find out! Also here is a time lapse video of me drawing it.


ANYWAYS, hi welcome to or back to my blog! This is Part 3 of Places I would want to go to after Covid-19 ends. The third place I would want to go to after Hawaii and Greece would be New York!

I want to go to New York because a few years ago my parents went there for their anniversary. Since their anniversary they say it’s really fun and would be great for all of us to go. I want to go there because then I can see they places they went to when they went together, they had such a good time that I thought that it would be great to bring back their memories and to have some fun all together.

I found some research and found some cool places to go!

~5 Cool Places to Go to While in New York~

1. The Statue of Liberty.

This statue would be super cool to see because its something everyone thinks about when you think of New York. Did you know that the statue represents a Roman Goddess? It represents Libertas, her name is Latin for freedom.

  • Statue of Liberty New York City

Source    Source    Source 

2. Broadway.

Broadway is a great way to use your time, it would be even better then watching a movie! I would want to go here and see a play for sure, they do all kinds of things, like, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Aladdin, and the Lion King!

Source    Source    Source 

3. Time Square.

Time square would be a great place to go because it has so many stores you can look at or even buy from! Time square, like the Statue of Liberty, is also something people think about when you talk about Newme York, it’s also in lots of movies, maybe you can find a where a scene was filmed!

Source    Source    Source 

4. The Metropolitan Opera.

This place is sort of like broadway except you get to experience some of the most worlds greatest singers instead of a play! This place would be great to go to because of the experience you and your family would get.

Source    Source    Source

5. Empire State Building.

This place should be a great place to go to, especially with family, did you know that it was in a race to be the highest building? Anyways, going here would be super cool because of all of its history, here’s a great website to find out more information:

Source    Source    Source

Those were some of reasons why I would want to go to New York. New York is a great place and it would be amazing to go and see some of these places. Anyways, cya in my next post, have a great day or night, bye!

9 thoughts on “Geek Out! Places I Will Want to Visit After Covid-19 ends- Part. 3

  1. Hello Sofia! I really love your idea for this post. New York seems really fun, can I come with you… Have you ever thought about going to the Philippines? Feel free to check out my blog
    Im excited to see where you want to go next!

    1. Hi Keira!
      If I ever go to New York then maybe you can come! Also no, I have never thought have going to the Philippines, have you?
      Sincerely, Sofia

  2. Hi Sofia!

    I love how your statue of liberty drawing turned out, and the time lapse you did. It was a really creative idea!

    I’ve always wanted to go to New York, and now I have some places I want to go!

    Hannah (Blondie)

    Here’s my blog:

    1. Hi, Hannah (Blondie)!
      Thank you, drawing the Statue of Liberty was fun but hard!
      I’m so glad that some of my posts made you want to go places, It’s good to know that you want to go to the same places as me, maybe we can go there in the future!
      Sincerely, Sofia

    1. Hi Kai!
      Thank you! It took a while to draw it so im glad you like it! Yes, there are so many places to see hopefully I can go see them in real life one day!
      Sincerely, Sofia.

  3. Hey Sofia!

    Amazing job on your blog! I like how you added slideshows to show the different views in the different places. I also want to go to Greece! Maybe you could link to your other blogs at the start of your post next time! Check out my blog if you have time!


    1. Hi Charlie!
      Thank you, I thought slide shows were a good idea as well! Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely update them all, amazing suggestion!
      Thanks again,
      Sincerely, Sofia.

  4. Hi Sofia
    I love how detailed your Statue of Liberty is! The time lapse is a really creative idea that I wouldn’t think to do! New York is a really fun place to go to! Psst psst a tip for seeing the Statue of Liberty is that you need to pre-book. If not you could have to wait for up to 5 hours to get on the ferry!

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