Geek Out! Places I Will Want to Visit After Covid-19 ends- Part. 4

DISCLAIMER: If you haven’t checked out part 1, 2, and 3 please do so before reading! (I will link them at the bottom of this post.)

Hi, welcome to or back to my blog! This is part four of places I want to go to after Covid-19 ends. After Hawaii, Greece, and New York, I would want to go to England!

I don’t have very many reasons on why I would like to go it has just always been a place I would want to go to.

Anyways I did some research on fun activities and places to do/go to! 

~Fun activities and places to do/go to~

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London – The Making of Harry Potter.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter then this would definitely be a cool place to visit. Here you get to see sets where Harry Potter was filmed. You can see so many cool things, if you go be sure to check out their gift shop as well!

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2. The Cavendish.

This is a lovely place for afternoon snacks and tea! Lots of people recommend it and it’s a great place for a treat. This place would definitely be a place I would want to go to because I love tea and treats make keverything better, win win!

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3. Kyoto Garden.

This place would be so cool to go to because of all the scenery. This place also has tons of benches so you can sit back and enjoy the peaceful landscape.

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4. Big Ben.

This clock is a big part of England and it would be super cool to see, it has been in several movies and is in lots of Disney movies too! Did you know that it actually was named Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben is just a nickname? 

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5. Warwick Castle.

This castle is super beautiful and was built on a river in 1068. This castle today is now a theme park geared yo medieval activities, such as sword fights and gory dungeons. You need tickets but it has lots of cool placards to tell you cool information!

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These are amazing things to go see or do! If i ever go I hope I can go to some of these places, I feel like my family would love it and enjoy it greatly as well. 

 my next post, thanks for reading have an amazing day!

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