My Unit on Poetry! ~ E-book included!

Hi, welcome to or back to my blog! This will be a small post about a poetry unit I just did. The driving question was: “How might I construct text to show who I am right now?” During this unit we needed to make poems about our worldview. I liked doing this unit and I hope I can do more poetry in the future.

During this project we did poems from Similes to Imagery. If you don’t know what a Simile or what Imagery means here are links to the definitions.      



We did lots of different types of poems, some I liked some not as much. I am happy to say that I enjoyed everything we did and that I might start making poetry in my own time.

Here the link to my E-Book I made, it has all the poems I made through the project.

The E-book will tell you more information about what we did.

I am very proud of how my book turned out. In the future, in my own time, I will definitely make some of my books on it. I loved the layouts and the system of how it works. I’m excited to get on to more books I can make.

Overall I loved the project and can’t wait for the next one. I feel like the answer to the driving question might be that I can express my feelings and emotions through text to show who I am and to show how I act. I think that learning about this made me feel more in touch with myself to know how I actually feel towards things.

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