Spring Exhibition!

Hello welcome to or back to my blog! In this post I will be talking about the Spring Exhibition I just did. The driving question was “What is a PLP learner?” In this exhibition the PLP grade 9s were the people hosting. The PLP grade 8s helped out by sharing ideas and making things. The theme of this Exhibition was what was PLP? We needed to have the project path, we needed a station for tech, intro, conclusion and more! My group for this exhibition was in the conclusion group.

Our group ended up going into the hallway and had lots of different stations. Once we found what station we needed to find one that was interesting to them. I ended up wanting to be at the Destination Imagination (D.I.) station to show and let other people see what a possible instant challenge might be. We then had to go to basecamp and write a comment to show what we could contribute to the station and why you wanted to be there. Here is what I said in my comment/an example:

“I’m Sofia and I would like to be one of the instant challenge competitors. I can bring communication, ideas, and inclusive work to the activity. I have my Technical teams poster at home that I could bring to show some work we needed to do for Destination Imagination. I learned that rough drafts are crucial and working together makes the end result even better. I can even bring my iPad out and show my blog post and how I reflected on Destination Imagination. (Our team name for D.I. was The Hazardous Heroes.)”

We then also had to look at an annotated map the grade 9s made to show what and where the stations will be, here it is:

We then started to make the decorations and made sure that all the props were ready for the exhibition. Caitlin, Evangeline and I were put on making the clouds and attaching strings to them, I later helped set up the D.I. station and the trophies up in the hallway. After our group was done I then went around to find out if other people needed help and ended up helping another group.

Once the exhibition actually started Evangeline and I were working really good together in through team work. I wish that in the future I would become less distracted and more out there because lots of people just walked by our station. Next time I will be more out there and communicated towards other people because I feel I was a bit shy during this exhibition. Overall I am really happy how this exhibition turned out and can’t wait for more in the future. Cya in my next post!

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