Geography And The West?

Hello welcome to or back to my blog! This is my second post this year and I’m happy to see you back! In this post I will be talking about my first project in Humanities this year. This project was based around a trip I went on with school. With half of my class, we all took a road trip to Alberta and looked at really cool historical places, like: The Last Spike, The Cave and Basin Nation Historic Site, The first National park in Canada (Banff), The Head-Smashed in Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, The Badlands and more.

While on the trip we had to learn about the five themes of geography and keep in mind our driving question, which is: “How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?” I have answered this in my book and will talk a little bit about it later. Coming back to the five themes of geography I did a comic to help explain them, I also did little definitions so you can relate them both to each other. Here it is:

During our trip we had to keep in mind that we had a multi-touch e-book we needed to be working on as well. Once we got home we reflected on all of the places we went to and compared them to each other to get feedback on what to work on. We also had to choose between 3 different ways to answer the driving question. There were three groups to choose from: History, Economy, and Diversity. I chose history because I feel I can reflect better on talking about the past, were as others may be better at talking about diversity and economy. 

Knowing that we had to answer our book with those subjects we also had to make videos to play in the background of our mini exhibition. There were 7 groups which means we needed to have 7 different videos. The videos made were for every section plus 2 fun videos, an outro, and an intro video. I was assigned to work on the history video with 5 other people. We used lots of photos from our trip and ended up talking about the Indigenous people, the CPR, and how trains are used today.

Here is what our video looks like:

Since there are three different sections we needed to have three different rooms, the history room, an economy room, and a diversity room. We had to set our rooms up with posters, accessories, and matching outfits. Here re some photos of my room:

Here is my multi-touch e-book that I made and presented to parents. I am quite happy with the end result and I am glad with the way I showcased it. Without further ado here it is:

Now to start with talking about the competencies. I will be talking about this “Questioning: I can share ideas, ask questions, and research information from a variety of sources.”

To show how well I did in the competency I will be talking about the book and the video where we collaborated with our group. To start off I would like to talk about sharing ideas and asking questions. When I was helping collaborate with my ideas I was trying to give the best ones I can to help the video. I could have been better at focusing when collaborating on ideas and being present. I feel that our group could have been more organized because we switched the roles for “Final Editor” a few times and I ended with that role. I was fine with being the final editor but we could have prevented the situation with a little more communication. 

When making this video we took information from others to see different perspectives on what to say. In my book I also looked up many websites for lots of information, I used the information and made it into something my own. For example I would use lots of different websites for the 5 fun facts on every entrance page.

Now I would like to conclude by finishing off with answering the driving question, “How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?” In my book my short answer my history group said in one sentence was this: “The geography of the West shaped our rich history, influencing us to continue evolving our past accomplishments and learning from our mistakes.” This just tells you that the West had a big influence on everyone in British Columbia, a big example of this is be the CPR. The CPR was apart of the West that connected BC and Canada together. The CPR was a big part of the agreement between Canada and BC. The CPR was really important because without it being part of the offer we could have done the agreement the US gave us and we would be connected to Oregon. In my book I said a similar answer, you can find it on the table of contents. 

Anyways that’s the end of my blog post I hope you learned something new, see you in my next post! I hope you enjoyed!

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