Haitian Revolution on Trial 🇭🇹

Hello welcome to or back to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my most recent project in Humanities. The driving question for this project was “How do revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world?” In this project our end result was to make a video in court about if the revolution we selected. Since there are two grade 9 Humanities classes one class would get ineffective and the other would get effective. But before we made any videos we needed to learn about the revolution we were put in.

We started out with reading and watching videos to learn about what our revolution was about. The revolution I chose to be in was the Haitian Revolution. I chose this because I wanted to learn more about it and it seemed interesting to me. After we had a basic understanding of our revolution in our groups we had to make an individual Graphic Organizer. The criteria for this assignment was that we had to include: The revolution name and date, underlying conditions, key triggers, key triggers, effectiveness of the revolution, ineffectiveness of the revolution, and continuity and change. I did my best to include everything, this was mine:

I was sick for this part but everyone had to show theirs and then they chose the one that had the best information and looks. Since I was gone they made me send a photo of mine so it was included as well. After they discussed how everyone’s looks they ended up choosing mine. After that the teacher then told us what team we were on, either effective or ineffective, my group was on the ineffective side.

We then started to make our affidavits for our court video. We all worked together on making key points and exhibitions. This was very interesting to me because I didn’t know what affidavits were before this project. Here was ours:

Once that was finished our teacher talked to us about the court videos. We at first thought we we would do a script with the other Haitian Revolution group (they are the effective group) and do a video together but it ended up being too messy. Not only was it hard to work together, but there were also way too many people to use all our ideas, we also aren’t doing Humanities in the same block together so it was a struggle to meet with them. So the teacher changed it and made it so every group, effective or not, had to make a court video themselves. (We didn’t have to show the other side but just ours to get our point across. 

Last but not least here is what our final video ended up like:

Coming back to the driving question: “How do revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world?” Personally I think most revolutions are all about wanting your voice heard for change, especially the Haitian Revolution. This can be a big thing because when others speak up it makes other feel like they should do the same. Revolutions can be big, wether that’s good or bad, when people want their voice heard sometimes it can be threatening towards empires which can sometimes bring them down. There are many different opinions to this question and you may have your own, I hope you learned a thing or two and I will see you in my next post!

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