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Choosing a job is hard.

Going into this project was difficult because I’ve never really thought of a job I wanted long-term. I would never, and still don’t, know what I should study in university or even what direction I wanted to go. I have always thought about it but never ended up figuring it out. So, when I heard this project was about jobs I was quickly discouraged.
I am the type of person to learn quickly and follow through with my ideas but the topic of jobs and careers is where I struggle the most.


After finishing up the launch of the project I realized that this project was less about choosing a job but finding out more about your strengths and stretches. This relieved a lot off my shoulders. This interested me because the project was more about getting to know yourself better so you can see what jobs may suit your skill set rather than going into a career path cold turkey.

We started by doing quizzes to learn more about ourselves, I did these quizzes knowing my strengths but they made me think more about them. What comes to mind when I have to talk about my strengths is my ability to communicate. I am good at collaborating, being inclusive, and problem-solving. Because I am extroverted I can share my ideas confidently, but I am also good at listening. When working in a group I can be a leader but also step back and listen to others while still keeping a good flow and dynamic in the group.
These were things I knew about myself before this but these quizzes made me think more about them. Going into detail I talk about my soft skills and the different things I learned. Here is my skills assessment:

Skills Assessment PGP 10

Even though these quizzes did make me think, I do think that they were only scratching the surface of who I am. Even though those are skills of mine, there are so many other ones that I have that weren’t commented on. I feel like the quizzes only reinforced my ideas of what my main strengths were and just gave me answers I pretty much already knew. So I decided to look more into the parts of me that it didn’t comment much on.


I am friendly, emotionally intelligent, always looking for improvement, positive, bubbly, self-determined, hard worker, and I face my fears head-on. These are not all skills but traits I have that make my skills stronger. Because these didn’t show up as much in my quizzes I decided to highlight them in my pitch to the Dragons. (We needed to make a 7-minute unscripted presentation as if we were in Shark Tank/Dragons’ Den but instead of pitching a product we pitched ourselves). In my pitch I talked about my strengths and stretches but used my experiences as evidence, I like to tell stories and PLP is always looking for a beginning, middle, and end so I thought I would use that format.
Here is what I covered in my pitch:

Creating the pitch wasn’t hard because of all of the work we did leading up to it but, the presentation part was. As you know from my other posts, and my pitch, I get lots of anxiety when I have to public speak. This is quite a common fear that most people try to avoid at all costs but I chose to challenge it and face it head on.


I waited patiently outside the room, nervous but prepared. As soon as I get the right way to go inside I present myself confidently, even if felt far from it. I gave them my Cover letter and my resume. My nerves were RACING but I took a deep breath and my biggest strategy was to fake the confidence until I made it. And it worked! Even if I didn’t feel confident in the beginning I tricked myself into believing it a little later. I used body language and used eye contact so I could display that I was certain in myself.

After the presentation we went over feedback, in my pitch I talked a lot about soft skills rather than hard skills and for a balance you need to have both. The Dragons told me talking about certifications and awards would be great to add in. For instance, I could have talked more about my bronze star, bronze medallion, bronze cross, and CPR-C. These are all lifesaving courses that I have certifications for. I also have my Canada Cord, which is one of the highest awards that you can earn in the Girl Guides of Canada, it shows that I have a high level of dedication, leadership, skills, and commitment (on my award Justin Trudeau even signed it!). After they brought that up I realize now that it would’ve been so much more effective if I added these things instead of focusing on my soft skills.

This whole presentation showed me that it’s super important to know your presentation inside and out because then you can have more lenience with how you present it but answers to questions will also be easier to find. Having people from the community was very beneficial for us because then we could get different perspectives that we probably wouldn’t have thought of before. Even though it was nerve-racking this project made me grow, it helped me understand myself more and also be more confident in what I can do. This whole project was valuable for us because we got to take the time to get to know ourselves and also had the opportunity to gain feedback from different people.

Overall in this project, I learned about the traits I have that make me who I am and the skills that I use. This project pushed me out of my comfort zone but every time that happens I become more and more comfortable with facing challenges. Thanks for reading and see you in my next one!

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