Most of the things you should know about me!

Hello and welcome to or back to my blog! My name is Sofia, I’m a PLP Learner, I am 13 years old and am in grade 8. In this page it’s going to be facts about me!

Here are 10 of my most interesting facts about myself.

  1. My favourite sports are volleyball and swimming, I only really enjoy swimming if it  isn’t lessons.
  2. I love anything to do with the ocean.
  3. My favourite colour is teal or navy blue. I also like different purples but only when they are beside teal or navy blue.
  4. If I wanted a super power I would want to control water. If I could have three I would also add invisibility and the power of flight.
  5. I love learning about history, especially stories of people in war.
  6. Most of my family is Italian.
  7. I like to horse back ride, A LOT, I don’t get to much though, hopefully I can more in the future.
  8. I have a 3 year distance younger brother, his name is Carlo (he is in grade 5 right now).
  9. Christmas is my favourite holiday.
  10. I think that pineapple shouldn’t be on pizza.

I also love to write and read books, I recently started remaking a series I made in grade 4 or 5, its called “Halloween,” I’m also currently making a sequel called “Mazer.” When I was in grade 4 I named it “Do Not Open this Book”, I took some ideas from it and made a hole new series. But since this isn’t all about my interests I also made some art pieces to show some other things.

In this art piece we needed to make up our name in different items or letters we could find. Then after you were done you needed to customize it to your liking. I did borders and shadows around my photos, I also drew a flower in the background. (For the “S” I used a wire, for the “O” I used my rug, for the “F” I used the top of stove top, for the “I” I used the groves in the bricks in my wall, last but not least, for my “A” I used it from a bench inside my school.)

For this photo I used a picture of myself a peer took, I then made a collage in keynote with things I like, don’t like or wish to have. I ended up with a really nice end result. Hopefully we do more collages in the future, I really enjoyed this one.

Overall I am happy with how my photos turned out but for improvement I feel like I should make the flower background in my name less visible. To improve in the collage I feel like I could  some how make the whole thought bubble the photos, other then that I am happy with the end result. I can’t wait for my next class in Maker! Cya in my next one, bye!