About Me!

My name is Sofia and I’m in the PLP program at Seycove. I am 15 years old and am in grade 10. My favourite hobbies include: making friendship bracelets, sketching, and photography. I like to play many sports but volleyball with my friends has got to be one of the things I’ve enjoyed doing with them since grade 8. I play the saxophone in band and I’m in two choirs (Advanced Choir and Senior Chamber Choir). I love listening to 80s soft rock and singing along to the lyrics. My favourite colour has to be blue, there are so many variations that are so pretty. I love swimming in the ocean and being by the beach as well. I want to travel a lot when I’m older I enjoy it so much.

My favourite holiday has to be Christmas, the music and getting the chance to give others gifts makes me so happy. I also love to see all of my family and have a big dinner with them as well.