Fun images!

Hello everyone this is sophia again!

this post is supposed to teach you how to insert an image in to your blog. To insert an image /photo to you post you have to follow these steps:

first you have to have a new post, and click ether add media or pixabay.

than pick the image/photo you like.

After that you load the image into your post like so.

Now you have this cute image/photo in your post!

bella67 / Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Fun images!

  1. Sophia, I enjoyed your explanation of how to work with photos very much. Using photos to show the steps really helps us to understand.

    Are you having a great time with the challenge? I hope you have heard from lots of commenters already, which is a big favorite with my students.

    ~Miss Blessing
    STUBC commenter
    Vermont, USA

    1. Hello ms. Blessing, thanks for the comment! Yes Iโ€™m enjoying the challenge, I havenโ€™t heard from a lot comments yet, actually you are my second commenter. I love hearing from comments too!


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