Reflection post!!

This is the last week of the student blogging challenge, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging is just that I won’t be blogging once a week like usual.

I participated in all 8 weeks of the student blogging challenges, and in 8 weeks I have posted around 10 post. Over the 8 weeks (two months) I received around 4 comments and I want to gave a special shout out to Mrs. Barrett for commenting the most on my blog (twice)! I enjoyed writing my blog post called “emojis”, the reason why is that I had a lot of fun while researching, and do wing up with the story. I always use safari for everything, but I get my informations in Basecamp. As I said before I will be writing, but not as often.


Celebration and festivals…CHRISTMAS!

Is getting close to the time when Jesus is born, and that means… is Christmas🎄! When you ask a little child: “Buddy, what holiday or time of the year do you like the most?” They ether might say “my birthday” or 90% says… “Christmas!”

For what I know families all around the world celebrates Christmas, is just that some country doesn’t celebrate it like what we do including decorating, having multiple gives, spent time with your whole family, when I was still living at China( if you don’t know that click here!) I loved Christmas even though I didn’t know the meaning of it, but do spent time with my whole family. Christmas is known to be celebrating the birth of Jesus(click here for solving your mysteries behind Christmas). Now I’m in Canada which make me know more about Christmas

now I want to share with your my Christmas photo!


This weekend I will be putting up the Christmas light and the Christmas tree, and I’m pretty sure that my brothers are doing secret Santa at school. Comment down below if i should decorate my room Christmas theme or not.

 Now i have wrote a pome for you

 “Is this time of the year when it snows,

it is the time of the year when happiness is found.

Run down the steps and you already know

below the shiny tree the presents you will see.

look out the window you will see, the snowy weather had just begun.”

any ways thats all for this week’s topic i hope you laughed a little at mr. Grinch, see you guys at next week’s Challenge!

Art Fun!(maker reflection post)

Hello people!

the past two weeks my class did art for maker. It was so fun! My teacher Ms.Maxwell also introduced us to one of her kind friend Chloe, she is currently working as a graphic designer. The whole project was so fun for me because I love art, even though I didn’t have time to draw because of high school, but this project brought me back to art.

First of you need to know the driving question. For this unit of maker our driving question is: How can we use our Apple Pencil to support our learning? I think the Apple Pencil supports our learning because ,for example, in pages is easier to write notes if you have an Apple Pencil, you only have to tap the document once then is automatically lets you draw on the document! And same with notes! Another example is that the Apple Pencil has a pressure plate and when you are drawing if you press harder the line will get thicker. That’s why I think the Apple Pencil is helpful to our learning. People with an Apple Pencil will have more advantage than people without an Apple Pencil because is harder to draw with your finger than drawing with a pen or pencil.

now let’s talk a little bit about the first milestone we did for the project. The first milestone kind of got me into art again, and this milestone is called…… word art! So basically we had to draw our name depending on our personalities, and this is the one I did.

next milestone I wasn’t really into but it is called… sketch noting! We were given a link to a video on YouTube, the video is about growth mindset and fixed mindset. Even though the art part I didn’t really like I still kind of liked the video.

What do you think so far leave you thought in the comment section below! Milestone three! This milestone was awesome and this is…… self portrait! In this milestone we have to trace ourselves, the cool part is we could redo the background and the most awesome part is….. I will show you at the end, he he. Anyways I loved this milestone!

that one was real bad right, ya I know. Anyways next milestone! Milestone number four really show how good I’m at drawing, he he he. This milestone is called……. fruit bowl! Oh my, you do not know how much hours I spent on this one that it almost look real! I colour dropped every bits of the details on the fruits I will show you the final product and the process video of one grape.


final milestone! Milestone number five! This one out of all of the other ones is my favourite milestone, it is called…… your logo! We basically had to think of a company w might want to make some day in our life. I  wanted to open a fashion, clothing and accessories store like Hot Topics there is a link for those of you who want to do some online shopping. 😉

Now what you guys are waiting for… I drew my teacher Ms. maxwell

Comment down below what you think of me drawings!

see you soon on SBC week 7!


Hello people!

This week is quite a fun blog post challenge.

My first task is to make a story with an emoji generator so here’s the story!

Once on the emoji planet, there is an very anxious emoji he gets anxious when he hears the saxophone, the trumpet and he doesn’t like watching plays nor drinking water! One day his Mr. Dragon caught him playing video games during class! Everyone was laughing at him, so he grabbed his lunch and ran out in the washrooms. Mr. Whale and Mr. Octopus the janitors heard the story and knew his condition so they felt bad for him. They walk into to the washrooms and gave him treats to comfort him. That afternoon the anxious emoji gave his treats to the sad cat. That night an unbelievable thing happened! The cat the anxious emoji gave treats to brought the princess emoji to his house! Soon he found out that the sad cat was lost and the cat was the princess’s pet! Not so long after the anxious emoji and the princess meet they fell in love. After they had married the anxious emoji isn’t anxious anymore.

I hope you did enjoy my story and now you will be guessing what the books or movies are with emoji!




















1. Lion King

2. Charlottes Web

3.  It

4. End Game

5. Spiderman

6. Toy Story

7. Frozen

8. Jojo Rabbit

9. Star Wars

10. Beauty and The Beast

Moving on the the emoji math!







Write all answers in the comments section below!(including how many movies you got right!) now! Let’s look at my emoji art!

Write what you think of it at the comment section below too!S

The medium is the message reflection post


  • last draft

  • Second draft (sorry I sometimes do my drafts over the same draft so I lost most of mine)

  • first draft made with sketches pro

Hello everyone sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have a Remembrance Day long weekend and almost forgot about blogging.
Anyways, a few days ago I finished an humanities unit called “the medium is the message” so our teacher wanted us to do a blog post about the unit. For that unit we actually got to make ads for companies! My group which had Camron, Jakub, and Ryan. Please check out their amazing blogs!

As I was saying we had to make ads, it was not easy at all! It was unexpectedly hard to make we had to make better and better versions of the ad until our teacher said it is good enough. the driving question of this unit is: what does what we see, read and hear influence us. My answer is: “What we see, read and hear influence us by telling a story and it also uses a believable layout, so we believe in it and maybe pass on the message.”
here is a picture of the final two ad I made:

Deep cove advertisement

Oregon coast advertisement

using one of my ads as an example, my Deep Cove ad, I use colour and pictures to catch people’s attention, I also used The Raven’s logo with “since 1979” to tell a story-ish message that this company has been around for quite a while. I mainly wanted people to look at the detail words so I used different fonts to catch their attention to those words.

Now I will explain why I did those things more detailed

colour- different colour meant different emotions, like I used black, and that means  balanced, neutral or calm.

pictures- using pictures to catch people’s attention is very commonly and effectively used in ads, using picture reference can let people come to mind want the place/product looks like.

telling a story- using something to tell a story can help your audience remember what you are trying to advertise, using an icon can also help you remember, like, do you still remember when The Raven was found?

usage of different fonts- using different fonts can help you get your audience to remember the parts that stands out, which can also help you remember the details more effectively, like, when is The Raven opened?


remember to answer the questions at the comment section below!



Hello, I’m writing again!

Im very excited for this post because I love music since I was 2 years-old. You guy can check out my about me page to learn more about me, or visit my site!

So as I was saying, I love music, an I actually play the piano, the flute, a bit of the Jazz drum set, the electric keyboard, a bit of the trombone. If you play a instrument while I’m blindfolded,  can probably identify what instrument you were playing. I think Music is something that can connect people, no matter where you live, what language you speak, or how old you are, music important to us human, just take a minute and imagine our life without music… right? If music wasn’t important to us why would Guido D’Arezzo make music in the first place? Music is found in every known culture, past and present, varying widely between times and places. Since all people of the world, including the most isolated tribal groups, have a form of music, it may be concluded that music is likely to have been present in the ancestral population prior to the dispersal of humans around the world. Consequently, the first music may have been invented in Africa and then evolved to become a fundamental constituent of human life.

How did you enjoy my post about music? Comment so I know how much you like music!

My Oregon Coast Field Study Reflection

Hello again! This week I’ll be going to write about a reflection post about my field study at Oregon Coast, Portland.

On October the 19th, 6:15 am, me and most of my classmates have arrived at our school’s front door loading the bus. Around  an hour later (it felt like 2 hours…) we passed the boarder to U.S. all of us was so exited for breakfast, but we had to miss it, because passing the boarder toke too long. For diner we when to the beach to eat pizza, then some sea gulls and craws smelt pizza so they came too. That night at I was in a yurt with Ryan, Annie and Nya for the other nights I also stayed with Indy, Kate and Amy I consider checking their blog out too!

On this field study I managed my impulsivity by thinking well before I act, and decide to do it or not after knowing what the result will be if I do it. For example when we are doing a group quest we have to think thoroughly, so we can succeed the quest. Another example was that we are eating at the buffets we would have to think before we get our food so we don’t have to waste any food, to do that we have to manage our impulsivity. One last example is that when we are asking questions to our tour we would have to think before we ask so we don’t ask stupid questions or take the questions too far.

Right now im working on a video for our field study

here is the link for my book!(Click here)

Ps. I’m almost done, I’ll post it when I have full edited the video!

My Scimatics post

Sorry for not blogging in a while, anyways I have been working on a book for my scimatics 8             the earthquake attack

First of all let’s talk about the type of book I made for my gr. 5 reading buddy. I choose to write a comic which wasn’t on the mind map, how ever I didn’t use minecraft, instead I photo shopped the minecraft characters. But still, I had lots of fun making the book.

I also answered the questions in the mind map while making the book. I learned that volcano have to do with tectonic plates, the tectonic plates move because of the earth mantel, the tectonic plates will still move even though the humans are gone, the earth’s tectonic plates move the same like some planets, and the tectonic plates move fast as how your nails grow.

that’s it for this post, I would love to see your comment!