DI just got more stressful!😩

Hello internet, I hope you are doing and feeling well. As you know, everything is cancelled and there is noting to do, which means all our schedules are messed up. For PLP kids, we were supposed to have our DI provincials last Saturday, but as I mentioned above, everything is cancelled, which includes DI provincials. At first, my classmates and I was celebrating, our obstinate PLP teacher moved DI online so we couldn’t escape it.By the way, if you haven’t seen my post about DI regionals click the link to check it out.

Anyways, going back a month ago I was in Fine Arts – picture this! – with four other people – Erin, Logan, Dries, and Josh, check out their blog and their most recent posts! my group and I thought about improving our props and back drops a bit. So what we were going to do is that we would use cardboard posters to make a 3D rocket and for our back drop we were going to make them out of takele cloths in Different colours, for example, the moon back drop would use black and grey cloths.

Well there isn’t  much to talk about since DI was cancelled and since I heard that I didn’t bring anything back home to work on, which I was in charge of the 3D rocket. As always here is some photos we used in the online tournament as either backdrops or just a photo.

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay home, stay strong, stay healthy!