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Hello internet! It hasn’t been a long time since the last time I blogged, because the school year is coming to a end! Just recently I finished a unit in humanities called Every Object Tells a Story. For that unit our driving question is:How can artifacts teach us about settlement, peoples, and life in New France? Having that question in mind, we first watched videos about New France, from when they discovered it to the end of the wars. Β Then I learned that the people who settled in New France used that artifact and basically it’s up to you to imagine how they could have used it and the story behind the artifact. The curriculum competencies are:

Communicate – How do I share my own ideas when I write, speak, and present? To answer the question, I share my own ideas when I write, speak, and present by handing my work in regularly to my teacher and I show them to my family, because that way they can have comment on my work and it helps me improve my learning.

Use Evidence from Various Sources – How do we evaluate evidence to decide if it is adequate to support a historical conclusion? We can evaluate evidence by researching on the internet about the artifact weather if it is a adequate to support a historical conclusion, to check if the resource I got was right I would look on other websites and see if the sources match.

As it for my final product, it is my story you can check that out down below.

Anyways that it for this post enjoy your summer break, see you!

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  1. Evelyn at |

    Hi Sophia! This is Evelyn.

    Your post is really good! I think it’s super cool that you show your work to your family. I am always way to nervous to show them what I’ve done.

    The cover of your book looks great as well. I love the texture in the background and the font you used. It conveys the theme really well.

    Stay safe! Have a great day!


  2. Ryan at |

    I really like your story and I love the design of your book. I think the coffee grinder is a really cool object to choose


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