Storm the barricades!โœŠ

Hello internet, itโ€™s been less than two weeks since I last posted! As our first project ended the second came โ€”ย  Storm the Barricades! the project where we learned all about the American and French Revolution. For this project, our driving question is: How do revolutions transform societies? With the question in mind, we started to learn about the Crane Brinton theory and both of the revolutions.

With my group Keenan, Ryder, and Jakub, we planned out our first machine which was on Crane Brintonโ€™s theory using metaphors. There we divided up into two groups one is the building group and one is the writing group. Ryder and I got the role of the writer, which is the one that writes out the script and the angles we will be using when we film our machine later. Though, I and Ryder did also assist with the machine. ย Then, we filmed our machine, edited and explained the metaphors. Later in the week, we did both our American Revolution and the French Revolution the same way.

The curriculum competencies are:

Creative Communicator: How might I use technology to create and communicate?

Establish Historical Significance: How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?

Analyze Cause and Consequence: Who or what influenced events to occur and what were the consequences of those events?

Designing Texts: Have I used writing and design processes to plan, develop, create, and refine engaging and meaningful texts considering purpose, audience, and message?

I learned lots of stuff during this project, like the four stages of revolution in Crane Brintonโ€™s theory and the significance and the cause and consequences of both the American and the French Revolution.ย 

Anyways thatโ€™s it for this post enjoy the rest of your day/ night, peace out!

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  1. I like how your machine ended up showing all the phases so well. Great use of a variety of apps in the video as well!

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