Romeo & Juliet, but with a twist🔀

Hello again wonderful readers! Welcome back to my blog, after our extra long weekend we are back to work. This project in revolved around a classical love story about forbidden love, placed in the Verona, Italy. That’s right it is the one and only, Romeo & Juliet!

first things first, I would like to introduce you to the driving question of this project: “Why does Shakespeare continue to be relevant to a contemporary audience?” which I will be answering throughout the post. In the the project we deconstructed the complex Shakespearean language not just to understand but to create a short film from it as well as showing our learning, and as you may deducted from our driving question, the end goal of this project was to make our own “modernized” version of Romeo and Juliet.

After lots of (rather entertaining) listening sections of classmates embarrassing themselves, we were split into 5 groups and each having to reenact an act from the original Romeo & Juliet. I got the wonderful pleasure to work with Keenan, Ethan, Nate, and Julien. We choose act 5 as this act fitted the most with the idea we came up with. After some “looking-around-for-a-hospital-bed” we settled on: three tables, and a very dirty “white” clothe, and eventually presenting…

Romeo & Juliet (gang edition)

our video was Italian drug cartel take on this Shakespearean classic and was based around the abandoned work of Keenan’s brother. We had to make up same of our own part in order for this story to work. We also had to play multiple characters due to the limiting factor of our small group, for example we have Julien for Juliet (creative right?), but we were thinking of Julien playing as Julien but he was sick and I had to play her instead; however, with the mighty power of team work, I still think we made it work.

Finally, I would like to answer the driving question, while most people may think the obvious answer “well duhhhh, its taught in every school ever!” I personally thought there was a deeper connection between even from centuries ago to present, and history will repeat itself over and over again. Not only are his plays considered to be beautiful works of poetry and literature, but also they provide some great concepts and realities related to each of them. these concepts can help to teach and understand pieces of literature or texts more deeply and help further your comprehension of more intelectual or deep messages.

I hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I did, and have an extraordinary day! (also, sorry for the late post😬)

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