The Untold Deaths of WWII⚔️

Welcome back everyone to the last post before spring break 2022! For the past few week the PLP 10 cohort has been investigating the “Hidden Chapters of History” in WWII. Unlike any other project in we have done in the past, this one was honestly quite interesting. In the past we have done video and blog post to share to the world, but this time, we did our very own class podcast!


Now that your know how wonderfully exciting this project was I will be giving the more boring of the project outline information. The driving question for this project is: “How might we use stories to better understand the causes and consequences of WWII?” Which I will be answering throughout this post. Looking at the keystones of this project which are:

How might I listen and speak to comprehend text?

evidence of this keystone in my learning was that of the book chat discussions we did through collaborative novel studies, my questions and art for the book chat discussions and I was prepared for each book chat, but I was missing answering part of the discussion questions.

What events within WWII interest me?

For this competency, I made note of things I’m supposed to make, studied for the quiz. This gave me good result on the quiz and gave me deeper understanding of this topic as a whole.

How might I respond to text and tell a compelling story?

I have done detailed research on my topic about my episode, I have the sophisticated learning of the topic that I was able to teach the information in my topic to my peers. During the peer critique I give helpful, and accurate comments to my peers to help them make their podcast better. Which is a evidence of my learning for this keystone.

After we understand the important information on this project, we were asked to pick our topic related to our book and the real world. The topic I chose was the worst maritime disaster in history with a staggering casualties of ~9,600, which included refugees, wounded solders, and nazi officials. Learn more in my podcast at (link).

This project made me realize that I learn small causes can have big consequences. We can learn the cause and consequences of WWII by understanding multiple point of views of an event.