Connecting the Shore to the Core🌊

Welcome readers, you can use shore to the core to describe someone who is a very strong supporter of their home land, and this very project was to tell readers about the history of the land my classmates and I live on. The project Shore to the Core was influenced by the Museum of North Vancouver, also know as MoNoVa. The driving question for this project is: What significant developments occurred after WWII in Vancouver and across Canada? With that question in mind my class and I interview our client, Carol Ballard, the program coordinator of MaNoVa.


Before we get into the interview with Carol, I will briefly introduce choose my local topic of choice, The Ironworkers Memorial second Narrows Crossing. This bridge played a huge role in connect North Vancouver through the Burrad Inlet to Greater Vancouver, which eventually resulted in the population growth and rise of the suburbs (learn more about that in Quinn’s post). The Ironworkers Memorial second Narrows Crossing was renamed to honour the 18 workers who died in the collapse along with the 1 rescue diver and 4 other worker who also died during the construction process. I thought my topic was significant to the people of North Vancouver because around 121,778 (as of 2021) vehicles pass through this bridge every day, way more that there are on The Lion’s Gate Bridge, without this the connection between North Vancouver and Greater Vancouver would be weak, and it would be less convenient to travel between the two lands.

Moving onto the interviews with the project coordinator and our client, Carol Ballard, we learned that our multi-paragraph composition must have multiple sources, which can include interviews, audios, and writings. A strong theme, this will hook your audience in and make sure you stay on topic. Another one was having a clear audience and purpose in our multi-paragraph composition. Since everyone in my class are making a multi-paragraph composition, Carol suggested that we organize all of our multi-paragraph compositions into a zine format.

(link to zine)

To answer the driving question, during the project, I notice a lot of things shaped the North Van it is today. As for my topic, without this connection of a bridge, the bond between North Vancouver and Greater Vancouver would be weak, this bridge North Vancouver a chance to grow and thrive as a individual community.

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