My Oregon Coast Field Study Reflection

Hello again! This week I’ll be going to write about a reflection post about my field study at Oregon Coast, Portland.

On October the 19th, 6:15 am, me and most of my classmates have arrived at our school’s front door loading the bus. Around  an hour later (it felt like 2 hours…) we passed the boarder to U.S. all of us was so exited for breakfast, but we had to miss it, because passing the boarder toke too long. For diner we when to the beach to eat pizza, then some sea gulls and craws smelt pizza so they came too. That night at I was in a yurt with Ryan, Annie and Nya for the other nights I also stayed with Indy, Kate and Amy I consider checking their blog out too!

On this field study I managed my impulsivity by thinking well before I act, and decide to do it or not after knowing what the result will be if I do it. For example when we are doing a group quest we have to think thoroughly, so we can succeed the quest. Another example was that we are eating at the buffets we would have to think before we get our food so we don’t have to waste any food, to do that we have to manage our impulsivity. One last example is that when we are asking questions to our tour we would have to think before we ask so we don’t ask stupid questions or take the questions too far.

Right now im working on a video for our field study

here is the link for my book!(Click here)

Ps. I’m almost done, I’ll post it when I have full edited the video!