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User Guide: Sven

Brand: PLP Learner

Model: Sven, iOS 1.3


Congratulations on your new PLP learner and explorer, Sven 1.3. Your new learner comes equipped with the best of the best learning tools and qualities, including:

  • A state of the art IPad
  • An acceptable attention span
  • The passion to learn
  • Stubborn attitude 


Before you access Sven, double check to make sure that he is fed, if you try to talk to him about something not interesting to him (almost anything but soccer, mountain biking, or  planes) he will most likely ignore you and just say “mhmm.” If you do manage to talk about something interesting, the Sven will manage to disarm the conversation rather quickly and get on with his day.


The Sven is very easy to access during school times. He is easily found either roaming the school with his friends, or out on the field with them playing a game of soccer and cracking jokes. The Sven is quite hard to get a hold of after school ours, mostly because his lack of social media platforms.


Sven has 4 common settings: Mountain biker, soccer player, learner, person, and plane enthusiast.

Setting 1: Mountain biker

When in this setting, you will often see the Sven in the wilderness with a few friends and or family. He can usually be spotted around 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM in this setting. This is also one of the most relaxed settings for the Sven, because this is something he loves to do.

Setting 2: Soccer player

In this setting the Sven will often be joyful and excited, but the mood can quickly change based on the situation of the game (if his team is losing or winning.) The Sven’s preferred weather to play in this setting is in the rain at a later time of day. You will often see him playing the right wing position for his team, making quick decisions and possibly conceding a few goals…

Setting 3: Person

This is one of the most common settings for the Sven, he is mostly in this setting after school hours when he is not doing any activities related to the other settings, he is also in this mode when on a vacation in the summer time, just relaxing and enjoying his time. (He is also in this mode when he is playing video games)

Setting 4: Plane enthusiast

This is the Svens most passionate modes. If you talk about any kind of plane of some sort, he will respond and try to tell you all about it. He can be seen researching planes on his tech, usually inside of his house. This setting is also one of the most dangerous though, because it can get boring  for some quite quick.


This device may…

  • Talk for way too long about something he is passionate about
  • Not talk at all
  • Eat a bunch of food
  • Get obsessed with something really quickly then not care about that same thing one week later


  1. Keep well fed and charged
  2. Make sure Sven has had a good amount of rest
  3. Make sure the Sven’s favourite sports team won their past match (Ajax)
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