The Renaissance and Me!

This is the triptych I made




Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by expanding the way people thought. This lead to some of the greatest scientific discoveries. Without the renaissance we wouldn’t have the same technologies we have today. We wouldn’t be able to access the Same information, or do the same things. Left panel New ideas in the renaissance changed the renaissance world, and for the good. The main innovations that were created in the renaissance were the printing press, telescope, new art, and the mechanical clock. The printing press was created so that documents could be copied, instead of being written out by hand. This invention allowed the spreading of knowledge to many people. The telescope was created so we could find out more about the universe. This lead to new discoveries. As we learned, we spread facts instead of assumptions. New art forms rose as well as some of the most famous and important art pieces in history. During the renaissance, art flourished. New painting techniques were used, such as fresco, tempera, and oil. A new method to tell time using mechanical clocks was discovered. This changed the world of telling time. People steered away from sundials and hourglasses to a more reliable source of telling time, using the mechanical clock. All of these innovations are extremely important and changed not only the renaissance world but our world today.


Middle panel


The innovations made in the renaissance largely impacted people back then. But it has also largely impacted us. Life would be much harder if these innovations never existed. Without those foundation ideas created in the renaissance we wouldn’t have the amazing inventions and technology we have today. The idea of the printing press was the key idea, which then developed into the printer. The first mechanical clock was the building blocks into creating the digital clock. The first telescope had the power to magnify an object about 20x. This led to a modern day telescope that magnifies 13.6 billion light years. These ideas changed the way people thought and opened up a world of new discoveries.


Right panel


Before the renaissance, and before all of these amazing innovations, what did people do? Well, They had to live without them. Their daily lives would have been harder. They didn't have the short cuts that others would have. If you wanted to copy a document you would need to write it out by hand. Spreading information was hard. You couldn’t just put up a poster, and this also meant that books wouldn’t have been around, making it very difficult to mass educate. The telescope hadn’t been invented so this meant the only way to see the sky was purely the naked eye. If you go out at night and look at the sky it’s pretty hard to see anything. That’s why there were many false assumptions going around, because people didn’t have full access to the possibilities of the universe. This was the same with the sundial and hourglass. These methods to tell time were very unreliable and not very efficient. Life before the renaissance was harder and more work. People had to work harder to achieve a task we could do now in minutes.




All in all the renaissance was when arts, science, and math flourished. Without this period of time we wouldn’t have nearly as many of the things that we have today. The renaissance has deeply impacted us, and we should be forever grateful of the ideas that arose in that time.



The process of creating my triptych was both fun, and challenging. We learned how to use an app called SuperimposeX so we could edit ourself onto a famous Renaissance painting. It was very challenging to make the edit look smooth, so I decided to take the image into procreate so I could blend it together. I then made a sketch of what I wanted the triptych to look like. I then stared to create it. I created the triptych and I drew the most of it but I added images of the innovations. I had lots of fun drawing the triptych and doing the overall triptych.

The actual learning that we did was hard in the beginning but once I started to get more comfortable with craft, the note taking app we used, it got a lot easier. One of the challenging things for me was taking notes, but only using the most important information. I know myself and I know that when it comes to making notes I tend to write everything down. The thing that i tried to focus on while making notes was trying to only write the important information.

Overall the main thing I learned through this project was proper time management. In this project our keystone 1 was using things and calendar to Make sure we were on top of our work and we had good time management. This project gave me the skills I need to continue to make sure I stay on top of my work by using Things and Calendar.

Syddy giddy out!

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