Jacques Cartier

This was an interesting project. Our teacher, Ms. Madsen, got sick at the very begging of this project. We were stuck with a different sub every day for the first week. We didn’t really know what the project was about and all the subs were telling us different things. This was definitely the hardest part of the project for me. This was definitely a challenge, but we over came it. The other PLP teachers helped the subs, and us figure out what we were supposed to be doing. Overall this project had some challenges but we overcame them and went with the flow. 

The project we were doing was called blue eyed brutes in horned helmets and other tall tales. The driving question was What sparked global exploration and what was the impact? In the beginning of this project we learned about the Vikings, their ships, what they did, and then created our own Viking character card. We had to make up a name, what they looked like, and what they did on their journeys. Thane we started to learn about explores and the age of exploration. We learned why they wanted to explore, what they were trying to get, the tools necessary for them to explore, and some cause and consequences of them exploring. We then had to choose an explorer, from the age of exploration, and do some research on them. We had to create a short story with images, explaining their journey. I chose Jacques Cartier and researched about his journey to canada. I think I learned a lot from this project and once we got 1 sub for the whole time it made it a lot easier. This is my story. 


Syddy Giddy Out. 

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