The Rule Of Ago

Hello everyone!

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these. It’s kind of weird because I only have one PLP class this semester contrary to last semester where I had 3. This project has been long but, it’s been really fun. We started this project on February 2nd and now we’re finishing on March 10th. 

This project has been packed with all kinds of different media and ways of learning. We’ve read, written, filmed, and more! All of these processes have been different and I’ve liked them all for different reasons. I’m going to separate this blog post in each of those sections – reading, writing, and filming.


Because this project was about sci-fi and fantasy things we read leviathan and overall I enjoyed this book but, I was a little disappointed by the ending. We had to analyze while we were reading because this is school and we need to learn something so, we were divided into reading groups and each time we read some new chapters we would do a new reading role. The roles were: Word Wizard, Illustrator, Connector, Summarizer. I needed up being summarizer, connector, and illustrator twice but, I was only the word wizard once. 

Like I mentioned earlier Leviathan wasn’t my favourite book but, there was one bit that I really liked. My favourite bit from leviathan was when the two main characters (Alek and Deryn)’s POV’s finally came together. I was so excited I even ran to tell my mom. Here’s what the cover of the book looks like if you wanna read it!


Part of this project was that we had to write our own short stories (3000 words max). We learned lots about the writing process and how to make fully developed characters. To make a fully developed character and setting we had to fill out some documents to help us visualize our characters and setting. My favourite thing we did in this step was making my setting mood board because I love making mood boards in general. I think the step I learned the most from was making my character’s resume because I had to think and come up with ideas from nothing. My story was about Ago who is a master manipulator who intends to use her friends to take over the world. If I were to rewrite my story I definitely would add more world building/backstory because most of the critique I received were things like “why did Ago do that” or “does she hate her friends” etc… if you’d like to read the story here it is!


The main things we had to do for filming were getting all our supplies and story boarding which does’t sound like it would take long but it’s one of those things that take longer than expected for example I made a city backdrop which ended up taking all of the class to make. I’ve found that as I get better at storyboarding I also get quicker but it’s still takes a fair bit of time to do. Here’s my storyboard.

So now that i’ve storyboarded I can film which didn’t take super long cause I knew what I needed to do. Now in my opinion the hardest bit of of movie making but also the most fun… editing! Why is editing so hard? Well there’s always that one clip or sound that doesn’t co-operate with the program your using like the background noise from a clip won’t mute. Overall it’s just a lot of problem solving which takes a hot second. Without further ado here is my trailer for the fictional movie: The Rule Of Ago

This project has been great and I’ve really enjoyed doing something more fantasy/sci-fi in school. 

Thanks for reading – Sydney🙃

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