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📜🖋️The Canadian Confederation🇨🇦🍁

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to another humanities blog post. This project is about what nationalism is, we talked about Canadian nationalism and we also talked a lot about confederation. The end goal of this project was to create a board game about nationalism. There was 3 keystones in this project but, before we started those keystones we thought of a symbol that we thought represented Canada here’s mine!


There was one more step to complete before we could start our keystones. We did a confederation simulation! Essentially you were assigned a group and then as a group you were assigned a colony. My group was Newfoundland. After we picked our colonies we learned about them and what they need in order to join confederation. I found it difficult to bargain with other colonies during the simulation because my colony didn’t have much to offer so all of our demands were not met at all and in the end of the simulation we decided to not join confederation like the actual confederation. I wrote a reflection of the simulation if you want to read some more it also happens to be keystone 1!

The next keystone was our game board pitch but we needed to learn a bit more historical figures such as John A Macdonald and Louis Riel. It was really interesting to learn about them, we watched this really weird video about Louis Riel I’ll link it here if you want to watch it. Now that we finished the learning we could move onto actually planing our board game. My partner and I decided to do our board game about confederation this was our plan.

Now for the finale! It was time to build our board game we started by drawing all of our cards so that we could print them out. Next we cut them out and put them on card stock so they looked more professional then, we made all the rest of the pieces we needed: the coins, the board, etc… Next it was finally time to test it out, we definitely had to rethink some rules while we were playing because there we some problems after we finished adding those changes we asked other people to play with us. There were some more problems so we made more changes and finally we figured the game was finished and we were happy with what it was. 

This is what the game looks like set up I’ll also include the game rules. 

This project has been really fun and I loved doing the simulation especially because all of my class participated and that made it really fun.


My board game partner’s name is Mackenzie go check out her blog!

Thanks for reading -Sydney🙃

🌳🌿Why Should I Care For The Consequences?📜🏭

Hello everyone!

Unlike most of my other recent blog posts for this semester this will not be my final humanities blog post because, humanities is a mix of socials and English so it goes for all the year. The final product for this project was a slam poem about the Industrial Revolution (weird, I know but it worked out pretty well). 

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Yay Another MPOL 🤗*Jazz Hands*🤗

Thank you for reading my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

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❄️☃️The Winter Exhibition and Finding Religion🕎✝️

Hello everyone!

As it stands I’m writing this from New York because due to weather we can’t fly home! The amount of snow in Vancouver sounds insane right now and currently there’s a storm in New York. So yeah life is crazy but, were hoping to get to my grandparents house on Christmas Day! Not ideal but, we’re making it work.

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