The Doors (TPOL)


That just about sums up the year, thanks for reading!

Nah just kidding. I actually had a really interesting, educational, and growth filled year this year. From podcasts to DI to PGP, this year was extremely effective in growing both academically and personally.



An example of my greatest growth this year is my Winter Exhibition project, my Pecha Kucha. My greatest growth meaning that I am most proud of it and of what I got out of it.



I would’ve never thought I could do it if you asked grade 9 me. Stand in front of people for an entire 7 minutes and talk? Never in a million years. But I did it. Last year, I couldn’t have imagined ever doing anything like this and making it out alive, so when I did, I hadn’t felt accomplished like that in a long time. I grew off of that, doing my best to branch out and use my comfort zone. And I have. I have grown to be able to do things like present a project much more comfortably, work in spaces where talking to people is a necessity, and overall communicate with people better. 



My pride and joy, my Time Machine

My Time Machine follows my growth as a learner throughout this year using our PGP course. Back in December I said that I was surprised that PGP helped me, but as the year ends I am nothing but grateful for what I have learned. I have worked hard this year to do well, to be successful both academically and in my personal life and I think I have done that this school year, especially looking back at September vs June. My Time Machine explains that growth, and how I’ve reached where I am.

I am proud of how it turned out, with the aesthetic, theme, and story I was aiming for. Hopefully it got the message I was aiming for across as well.



A challenge I faced this year was Destination Imagination. We had some…. strong personalities in our team this year. I am not one to hide from the fact that I was one of them. There were disagreements that took place throughout the DI season, and I was not exempt from fault of some of them. The main challenge I had during DI was that I didn’t communicate how I was feeling until it was too late in my mind to create “originally” and “freely”. 

If I could change one thing from this year, that would be it. The DI Scandal. I know now for next year how to handle issues like that one, and how exactly I would make situations like that better. I am not proud of how I handled the situation, and I hope that in the future I will handle situations like that better. I plan to, at the very least.



Grade 10 has been an experience. I think for the first time (so far) in my high school career I’m going to leave it behind with a bittersweet feeling, instead of just pure relief that it’s over. From my trips to Seattle, Spain, and Around BC, to our exhibition, my job shadow, and so much more, Grade 10 has been pretty memorable. 

I am looking forward to next year, expanding on my skills as a learner both in school and in life. Through classes and experiences just like this year.

Au Revior Grade 10

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