MPOL 2020

September 2019

The Atomic Bomb:

In the 1940’s the first atomic bomb was introduced to the world via bombings in the second world war in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We learnt all about it in the project known to us as “The Manhattan Project^2”. In this project we learnt all about the history of the atom bomb; how it works, why it is significant to our current world, all that jazz.

In this project we learnt how to connect history to current times via finding the historical significance in the atom bomb.

Main Lesson From This Project: Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can/can not do. 

How I Learnt This: During our discussions on the atom bomb, there was a bit of science included in it. I haven’t really seen myself as a very science-y person ever because I get easily confused by the things taught in an average science classroom, so I assumed it would make no sense to me how the bombs worked. Turns out I understood the content fairly well in that regard and it reminded me to keep an open mind in the new school year. 

An Artifact I’m Proud Of: my Manhattan Project^2 Book



—October 2019—

The Manhattan Project^2:

In October we headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a field school. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun on that trip despite the ridiculous wake-up times. I actually learnt a lot in Albuquerque about WWII and the atomic bomb. Not that was I was expecting not to, it just stuck better than usual which made things a lot more enjoyable (same thing happened last year on the Circle BC trip. Makes for good trips).

Main Lesson From This Trip: take every opportunity as it comes

How I Learnt This: we saw some really awesome places on this trip. We got to visit all kinds of museums, the town of Los Alamos (where the planning for the bomb was all done), the Trinity Site (where the first atomic bomb was detonated), and all kinds of other places. While we were there I was constantly thinking about how awesome it was that we were there. Taking everything in while experiencing these things most people will only ever hear about or read about in textbooks. It really brought to life that idea I had since grade 7 when I applied for the program. And since then I have gone out of my way to experience everything genuinely and have made sure to take advantage of everything I have at my disposal.

An Artifact I’m Proud Of: my Video of The Trip


—November/December 2019—


The Beat Goes On:

I love writing, I love poetry (it doesn’t have to be good), and I am intrigued by the 1950’s era. So this project was epic for me. Writing 1950’s style poetry and presenting it in a Star Wars themed cantina was one of those experiences you only get in PLP that one must take as a unique opportunity and just have fun with it. I was really proud of my poetry and in the end was happy with how the exhibition ended up as well.

Main Lesson From This Project: It’s okay to have fun while working. It should be fun while working. 

How I Learnt This: I love writing, reading, and history. I have a mixed relationship with Star Wars but,,, that’s a whole other topic. This project gave me the chance to play around with creativity in a way that took me by surprise because I do really love writing and I do enjoy a good poem here and there, so I really enjoyed playing around with the freedom this project gave me to expand on those skills in school and to present them which was even more fun.

One Different Thing: If I do one thing differently in the project it would be my bitterness towards the Star Wars side of the project. I had opinions on the way I thought the exhibition would have looked really cool as and I ended up not letting myself fulfil my proper abilities in exhibition creation because I was stuck on the “what could have happened”. That won’t happen again because it just sucks up time and energy that could be used on actual work.

An Artifact I’m Proud Of: Couronnées de Fleures



Atomic Habits:

Reading is one of my favourite things ever. Sitting down with a good book is the best thing in the world. The atomic habits book was really interesting for me because I also will take any chance to “better myself” so to speak. Any way I can get myself more productive and more organized I will take. This book was really good for that. I was able to work out some of my already existing goals into the coding Atomic Habits provides and work out some new ones.

Main Lesson From This Project: Anything can happen if you work for it

How I Learnt This: In Atomic Habits everything is explained in a way that is almost like human coding.

It’s kind of like riding a bike:: Hands on the handlebars > Leg over each side > Sit on seat > One foot on the pedal > Push off > Other foot on the pedal > Spin peddles to keep moving > Use handlebars to control direction

Its that kind of chain reaction they use to explain how habits are made and broken, and that reminded me that with the right ideas and the right tools I can “program” myself to do whatever I put my mind to. Learning how to draw, paint, play an instrument, do math, ect. can be eas(y/ier) with the right chain reaction to form the right habit and reach a good goal. 


—Goals For The School Year—

I think for the past 3 years at an MPOL I have said “I want to become more of a leader” or “I want to become more organized” and while both of those things are a work in process, I think I need a new goal for this school year that’s isn’t…

  • Take leadership roles
  • Become more organized
  • Find a school/life balance

…Because those are always a work in process for me and I’m working on it anyways.

The goal I want to be held accountable for this year is:


Getting out of my comfort zone.


This can be any of the WIPs, or new goals or roles I want to try. I just want to try new things and not limit myself this year to what I think I can do and move to what I want to do. No matter if I am comfortable with it or not.

How I Plan On Achieving This Goal: I am going to be taking chances this year. Maybe I’ll take on an unexpected role in the Macbeth production process, maybe I’ll decide to expand my skills in roles I like as they are, whatever happens I’m not going to let myself say “I’m not good enough for that” because I can and will make it happen. I’m making myself do the thing I want even when they make me uncomfortable because I figure you’ll never know if you don’t try. Its a challenge for me but I want to just take the chances that come and make the ones I want to happen. 

This is a goal I want both in my school and normal-day life and I have no plans on giving up on it anytime soon.


—The Conclusion—

So far this year I have really liked both the projects I have taken a part in and the things that have come out of them (the atomic bomb book, poetry book, and bettered habit/goal making skills). 

I’m looking forward to learning more and trying new things more this year.



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