TWIL 2: You Should See Me In A Crown

There has been a million different people in power in a million different positions of power over a million years. They have all taught a million different things to the world:

  • Check your food for poison
  • Don’t kill people
  • Take responsibility
  • If you can’t divorce someone due to religion start a new religion

All that jazz. 

As history has come to pass, so has the role of leadership.

In the time of Macbeth, the world was run by Thanes and Kings. In the 1950’s the world was run by a Queen and other politicians like Prime Ministers and Presidents and even Mayors. 


Macbeth Era Leadership


In Macbeths era, there were a few kinds of leaders. In the story, we hear mainly of Thanes and Kings. These people owned and looked after the people of their land. 


A thane was a person who had territorial jurisdiction over a certain space of land under the command of their king. Kind of like what would be later in history called a Baron. Thanes were workers of the king, and some had more powers than the other. The most important kind of thane would be known as the “King’s Thane” which meant you were directly beneath the king and a Very Important Person. In saying that though, the kings thane, and thanes in general were still inferior to the kings family.


A kings role in Macbeths era was to look after and out for his people, keep peace or fight the necessary battles, and take responsibility and exhibit acceptable social stances for the good of his people. He would consult his council with all decisions and had his thanes in each part of his acclaimed land to watch over it for him and make sure everyone was safe. 

The Role Of Leadership In Macbeth

The roll of leadership in Macbeth is more of an essay topic than a blog post cover but I’ll do my best to make it short and simple. 

Pretty much the entire story of Macbeth revolves around the idea of leadership and power amongst the nobles of Macbeth, specifically the ambitions Macbeth has to be a leader, and to be king. Macbeth wants to be king, to hold that kind of power and be “unstoppable”. He wants it so badly he kills for it, and in return is faced by the demons of having kingly responsibility and his consciousness fighting with him over his actions to become king. In the story Macbeth is a thane, and then becomes King.


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Leadership In The 1950’s

Leadership in the 1950’s was different in many ways from Macbeths era, but some things never changed. Despite the drastic differences from kings and thanes, the fact is that the leaders of each country around the world were doing what they thought was right and what they needed to help their country live and thrive post-WWII. Much like what the kings and thanes did for their people in Macbeths era. Because leadership always comes back to taking care of your people in the best way you see fit.

Honourable Mention

In the 1950’s was the rein of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower brought a booming economy to the United States in a time of consumerism and post-war reconstruction. The United States went from the Great Depression in the 30’s, to war in the 40’s to a world with lots of new families, jobs, and ideas in the 1950’s. Led by Eisenhower the US began to thrive. Consumerism was a huge part of 1950’s culture and he took that and grew from it. He had communities and freeways built and the world was good for every straight white white-picket-fenced family in America again.

Eisenhower is a supremely good example of someone who took a chance to renew a place from its ashes post war and turn it into a thriving society. The United States became economically sound for a while, and the people were living their best suburban lives. It’s changed a bit now. But Eisenhower did his best to lead his people to a good place, and that’s what happened.


Same Same but Different

A visual way of summing up all those words I just put together is this:

and also this:



In the end leadership, weather thousands of years ago, or 70 years ago, has always been about protecting the greater people and being there as a leader to involve strength to society.

If you’ve managed to get to the bottom of this post, thanks for reading! Have a good one, wash your hands: 20 seconds with soap, and stay safe.

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  1. Tamara this post is short and sweet and I had a nice laugh about starting a new religion. I’d be interested to hear of some more stories about people that have done that. Very nice post 🙂

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