Wife Material

My mum didn’t  wear a veil at her wedding, because the veil of a bride was historically a bag put on the bride’s head to be lifted at the chapel, where she was being married off in a business exchange. Back in the time of business exchange weddings, the groomsmen were there to stand guard […]

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One of my favorite topics is women in media. The way they’re represented, the way they’re treated, the tropes they’re force fed, the ideas given to young girls, the over-sexualization of women in everyday media, it’s my favourite kind of brain-food.  As someone who has spent a lot of time studying tropes and the effects […]

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Paper Stars

The story behind American music is as such: a white man stumbles upon a black man -a slave- working with a horse. This man was singing a wordless tune never heard before by this man. At the time, most music was coming in from Europe. It was mainly Italian operas or English theatre music. This […]

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TWIL 3: The Act Of Socializing

Socializing is fun. Sometimes… I guess… if you’re extroverted and whatever. I think I would have enjoyed ballroom dancing way more than the dinner parties we have now days but I also hate dresses so I guess I’m good in the current age. Social gatherings have changed a lot since the beginning of time. While […]

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TWIL 1: Post Battle Post War

WARNING: The following post includes spoilers for the Elizabethan Era classic Macbeth by William Shakespeare In the mid 1940’s, the second world war came to an end. The outcome was both and immensely sad.  In Shakespeares tragedy Macbeth the main events follow a battle against the (now known as) Norwegians.  When the wars/battles are over […]

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