MPOL 2020

—September 2019— The Atomic Bomb: In the 1940’s the first atomic bomb was introduced to the world via bombings in the second world war in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We learnt all about it in the project known to us as “The Manhattan Project^2”. In this project we learnt all about the history of the atom […]

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TWIL 1: Post Battle Post War

WARNING: The following post includes spoilers for the Elizabethan Era classic Macbeth by William Shakespeare In the mid 1940’s, the second world war came to an end. The outcome was both and immensely sad.  In Shakespeares tragedy Macbeth the main events follow a battle against the (now known as) Norwegians.  When the wars/battles are over […]

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Atomic Habits

People always tell me “good things come in small packages”. They tell me this because I’m short. They use it as a way to make me feel better. It doesn’t. However that does not mean it’s not true.  In Atomic Habits by James Clear , the notion that small things make the biggest difference is proved […]

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Pirouette On Mars

In September 1945 WWII ended, and the world returned to their –recently more advanced– everyday life.  The world changed in small ways that made big impacts. Woman were removed from the workforce to make room for men, many babies were born, people settled down, the economic world grew, and there were all sorts of new […]

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Boys, Bugs, and Bacon

Tribalism. Symbolism. Civilization. Humanity. Chaos. Intellect. Philosophy. It’s the book that everyone who’s graduated high school has read. It’s Lord of The Flies. You’d think after so many decades they would have found a different book to read…. but apparently not, so welcome to what I’ve learnt from the past few weeks of LOTF content. […]

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Manhattan Project^2

The Second World War ended on September 2nd 1945. There were many scientific and technological discoveries made within the war, the most violently significant discovery being that of the atomic bomb. The project behind this discovery by the USA is known as: The Manhattan Project. On October 2nd 2019, our plane landed in Albuquerque, New […]

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To The Stars, To The Stones

As kids we are taught that sharing is caring. This is mainly an epidemic used with situations including toys or making a child share their candy with other sticky-fingered children. Yet years later it can still be used in situations of work and projects.  On a recent trip to Albuquerque, sharing and flexibility was an […]

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On The Road Again

“I thought he was really friends with Billy Barker!” The quote above was taken from Melika, who sometimes forgets that time exists. Welcome to 12 days on the road, and an Exhibition, all in one (hopefully) reasonably sized post.    [PRE-TRIP EDUCATION] We started this unit what feels like forever ago.  We started, with the […]

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One Day On Set

“Are You Bored Yet?” ”Nope”   I’m going to have to say that my job shadow was one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life. I am very grateful for the chance I had to see, learn, and experience everything I did in those 4 hours.    [WHAT IS A JOB SHADOW?] A […]

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